WooCommerce New Customer Report

WooCommerce New Customer Report is a free plugin that adds a report under WooCommerce > Reports > Customers to track new vs returning purchasers for your store.

When installed, you can access the “New vs. Returning” customer report. When a date range is selected, the plugin gives you a count of customers who have made their first purchase in this time period (“New” customers), and customers who have made one or more repeat purchases in this time period (“Returning” customers).

WooCommerce New Customer Report: year view

Year View

If a customer makes both a first and repeat purchase in this time, s/he will be counted under both totals.

Returning customer count is also calculated on a “per group” basis (the bars in the bar graph). For example, if looking at a 7 day view, let’s say this has happened:

  • Customer A purchased Monday for the first time
  • Customer B purchased Tuesday for the 5th time
  • Customer A purchased Friday again for the 2nd time

The report will show you one new customer (on Monday), and two returning customers (one Tuesday, one Friday), as customer A will be counted as both a new and returning customer.

New customer count for a time period will always show the number of people who have made a first purchase in this time period accurately, while returning customer count may include new customers who also come back to make a repeat purchase.

WooCommerce New Customer Report: 7 day view

Example 7 Day View