WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships lets you create and sell membership access to your site. Restrict your content or products, and create perks like purchasing discounts for your members. Memberships also integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions to sell recurring memberships and provide expanded features like upgrades or downgrades for memberships.

Sell Membership Access

You can sell membership access by tying membership plans to your products. This lets you use multiple products to sell access to a membership, just one product, or you can opt not to sell the membership and only grant access manually.

This means you can:

  • sell access to a membership directly
  • include access to membership content with a product purchase
  • sell a membership with different products, i.e., a monthly recurring or yearly payment option
  • give membership access by application only without selling memberships

Memberships can be unlimited (never expire) or for a set length (expires after days / weeks / months / years).

Manage Members

Your customers can have multiple memberships, and WooCommerce Memberships makes them easy to manage. View and edit details for each membership assigned to a user, add notes for your own reference about a membership, or share a note with a customer via email to quickly get in touch.

Restrict Content and Products

You can restrict posts, pages, custom post types, and taxonomies easily with Memberships. This means that some of your site content can be public, while other content is for members-only.

Restricting products is a bit more advanced, as you can restrict either viewing or purchasing the product. This can let you keep some products viewable by members alone, or you can restrict purchasing to show products publicly, but only allow members to buy them.

You can also create member discounts on your products or product categories.

Drip Content

One of the unique features of WooCommerce Memberships is the ability to drip content. You can schedule access for your content after a membership has started so that members do not gain access to all of your content immediately after signing up.


WooCommerce Memberships and Subscriptions go hand-in-hand, and work extremely well together. Memberships lets you handle all content restriction, but using it with Subscriptions can let you:

  • sell recurring memberships with monthly, weekly, yearly, etc billing
  • let members upgrade or downgrade
  • let members pause memberships
  • use free trial periods
  • and more

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