Jilt is an all-in-one email marketing tool specifically designed for eCommerce stores running on WooCommerce, Shopify, or Easy Digital Downloads.

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  • Automate your email marketing. Grow your revenue and boost customer engagement with proven techniques. Set up your email campaigns once, and Jilt will send them to the right customers automatically based on predefined rules. Welcome new customers, recover abandoned carts, ask for reviews, cross-sell products, win back lapsed customers and more. 
  • Send broadcast emails. Send all your sales announcements, newsletters, and product updates with Jilt. And with Jilt’s simple-to-use but extremely powerful segmentation engine, you can be sure your customers are getting emails that are relevant and targeted.
  • Track your performance. Monitor the health of your email marketing efforts and track  performance on everything from click-through rate to overall revenue using Jilt’s robust analytics.
  • Powerful email editing. Start with a pre-built template and tweak it to meet your specific needs using Jilt’s intuitive drag-and-drop email editor—or create your own beautiful email designs from scratch, and dip into the HTML and CSS at any time. Jilt’s email editor has features geared toward the needs of eCommerce stores, so you can quickly drop in recommended products, discount codes, and more.

Emails you can send with Jilt

There are thousands of eCommerce stores using Jilt to send emails that drive tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue to their stores. And with Jilt’s built-in campaigns, you can jump into sending emails like these immediately…

  • Sales, newsletters, and announcements. Send one-time broadcast emails to your customers (or a targeted segment of your customers). Tell your customers about a sale, share great content, announce a new product or feature, and more.
  • Abandoned cart recovery.  Close to 70 percent of eCommerce carts are abandoned. Transform those lost sales into revenue by sending an automated email (or series of emails) to anyone who filled up their cart but left before a purchase.
Start with Jilt’s prebuilt templates and customize them to match your brand aesthetic and voice.
  • Welcome emails. Welcome a new customer with emails that introduce your store, your values, and, of course, your fantastic products. Welcome emails bring in an average of eight times more revenue than other promotional emails—so take advantage!
  • Order notifications. Keep your customers well-informed and in the loop with useful, relevant, data-rich transactional emails like order notifications, shipping confirmations, and more. Good, timely transactional emails can make every sale a positive experience for your customers.
  • Emails to grow customer engagement. Send a wide variety of automated emails to grow and nurture your customer relationships like post-purchase follow-ups, VIP and loyalty rewards, replenishment reminders, birthday discounts, and feedback or review requests.
Reward VIP customers and even offer uniquely-generated coupon codes.
  • Custom campaigns. Have a unique idea for an email? It’s easy to start from scratch in the campaign builder and send it to the right customers using Jilt’s segmentation engine.

Segmenting emails with Jilt

Segmentation is “personalization-at-scale”—sending customized, targeted emails to groups of subscribers based on anything from their location to their average order total. And it works: A study found segmented campaigns drive a 760 percent increase in revenue and outperform non-segmented emails on every metric, with more opens and clicks and fewer bounces and unsubscribes.

Jilt’s powerful segmentation engine helps you intuitively create rules to direct the right emails to the right customers. And it works for both automated emails and broadcasts, so you can make sure every email you send targets the audience you want to reach. Here are some examples of what you can do with Jilt’s segmentation.

  • Send special emails to higher-value customers. Perhaps you want to send top-spending customers on a different journey than customers that use coupon codes and buy single, small ticket item at a time. With segmentation, you could send the big spenders VIP club invitations and a special customer service number; and send the lower spenders a different coupon code good for slightly more expensive items.
Above we’ve set up a simple segmentation rule to send a welcome email to new customers who spend more than $200.
  • Send broadcast emails to the customers that want them. Advertise winter sales to cold weather climates and summer sales to warm locales. Send a product announcement for shoes to customers who’ve purchased other shoes in the past. Or, as in the case below, send a newsletter only to the customers who’ve specifically requested it.
Here’s a rule to send an email newsletter only to customers who’ve specifically requested the newsletter. We use a custom tag to identify those customers.
  • Chain together rules for more complex segments. You can set up any number of rules to narrow down and focus your segment. And don’t worry—our kind and responsive support team is here to help you at any point along the way.
Here’s a series of rules used for replenishment emails, ensuring customers get them at the right moment when they need to start thinking about ordering more.

How is Jilt different?

Jilt is email marketing built for eCommerce—it’s packed with features designed to meet the unique email marketing needs of your store. Because of that focus, Jilt excels in the places online retailers need it the most.

  • Native integrations with popular eCommerce platforms. Jilt integrates natively with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads, with automatic data sync between Jilt and those platforms—plus we make sure it works with all the other plugins and apps you’re using in your store.
  • Powerful segmentation. With Jilt’s powerful segmentation tools you’ll always be sure your customers are getting emails that are timely and personally relevant, and that means they’ll be more effective.
  • eCommerce-focused analytics. Track all the metrics you need to know for your store, like attributable revenue and customer lifetime value.
  • The “little things” eCommerce stores need. Jilt has plenty of other features eCommerce stores love as well, like early email capture to assist with cart abandonment, and dynamic coupon codes to give each customer a unique code created just for them.

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