SkyVerge® is a trademark of SkyVerge, Inc. Please do not use “SkyVerge” in your domain name, logo, or other identifying features of your site or software products. You also may not state or insinuate that we approve, develop, build, or promote your products without our express permission. For example, if you use one of our blog tutorials, you should note that the code was inspired by SkyVerge or we’d appreciate a mention of thanks, but you cannot claim that your product was built by us.

We must protect and preserve our trademarks and to avoid brand confusion that results in user confusion, and we are required by US law to do so.

All of our WordPress code is distributed under the GNU (GPL) License, which means you may modify, redistribute it, or use it as you choose. However, this does not permit you to use our trademark (i.e., “SkyVerge” or the “SkyVerge” plugin framework) when doing so. You must remove any copyrighted or trademarked information from our GPL-licensed plugins before redistributing them (images, custom fonts, PSD files, our SkyVerge trademark, etc).

If you fork our code, you must maintain the “SkyVerge” copyright for the code itself and label your work as a derivative of the original SkyVerge work within the code and license. See this for more details, though properly forking code is your responsibility. The GPL license is still a license — a very permissive one, but one that protects us as the copyright holders of our work. While our copyright should be cited, you should make it clear that the code originated from us, but that we do not take responsibility for its final version in order to provide clarity to users.

This policy is to protect not only our brand, but existing and future users of SkyVerge products. We are frequently notified of sites misrepresenting our brand and distributing our product with malware embedded within it. Those users then either blame us for the issue or turn to us for help when they download or purchase the plugin from a site not associated with us.

This causes user confusion in the process and necessitates defense of our brand. We are required to protect our trademark, so please be aware of this that you face legal action for using it inappropriately. You may contact us with questions.

If you run across a site that uses the “SkyVerge” trademark inappropriately, please contact us and let us know so we can reach out to the owners and notify them of this policy.

This policy applies to any other trademarks held by SkyVerge, Inc. These trademarks include, but are not limited to, “Jilt®”.

We reserve the right to change or modify the current trademark policy with no prior notice.