WooCommerce Social Login

Use WooCommerce Social Login to let customers link existing accounts to social networks, or to help new customers seamlessly create accounts on your site without remembering yet another username and password!

WooCommerce Social Login

Once you’ve set up apps for your services (our documentation tells you exactly what you need to know), you can enable WooCommerce Social Login buttons on the “My Account” and/or “Checkout” pages. This will allow customers to connect the network(s) of their choice so that they can login with a social account, and don’t have to worry about another username or password for your site.

The following networks are supported:

  • WooCommerce Facebook Login
  • WooCommerce Twitter Login
  • WooCommerce Google Login
  • WooCommerce Amazon Login
  • WooCommerce Instagram Login
  • WooCommerce LinkedIn Login
  • WooCommerce PayPal Login
  • WooCommerce Disqus Login
  • WooCommerce Yahoo Login
  • WooCommerce VK Login

Since many people stay logged into their social accounts, you’ll make browsing and purchasing on your site seamless, as customers won’t have to log in to make purchases. They’ll be able to stay logged into your site for a frictionless shopping experience, as checkout information and personal details will be readily available for checkout.

Not convinced? Here are some stats you should know: