WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options

WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options provides options to rename the default WooCommerce product sorting options (handy if you’ve created your own customized sorting order), and to add several other sorting options to your shop pages.

You can view this plugin on GitHub for more details or to contribute.


This plugin will allow you to optionally:

  • rename default product sorting (i.e., change to “Our Selection”)
  • enable alphabetical product sorting
  • enable reverse alphabetical product sorting
  • enable on sale sorting
  • enable showing featured items first
  • enable sorting by available stock

Renaming the Default Sorting

Here’s a handy tutorial you can use to create a customized sorting order for your WooCommerce products. However, once you do this, you can no longer use use alphabetical sorting, and the name “Default sorting” isn’t helpful to customizers.

You can rename this from “Default Sorting” to something more descriptive, such as “Our Sorting” or “Our Selection”, to let customers know these are the shop owner’s picks.

Adding Sorting Options

To make up for the loss of your alphabetical sorting, this plugin gives you an option to add a new alphabetical sorting option to list products by title, as well as a reverse alphabetical (Z to A) sorting option. Sorting to show on sale products first, show featured items first, or sort by available inventory are also included.