Developing a Customer Service Tone Guide

This year, I’d attended Post Status Publish and WooConf, learning a ridiculous amount from other WordPress professionals at each. At both conferences, I’d been asked about team and support management by a few people. At Publish in particular, I’d delivered a sort of meta talk on building and selling eCommerce software with Brent Shepherd from Prospress. We wanted to cover several facets of building products, from strategy and hiring to product planning. We had some…

WooConf 2017

We’re a few weeks past WooConf, but better late than never I suppose 🙂 I wanted to share some of the things our team was up to recently at WooConf, along with the planning that went into this as our first major sponsorship for an event. Since giving back is a big focus for us, most sponsorships we’ve done thus far have been small in scale, mostly to support a local event or WordCamp. For…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Memberships 1.9: Paving the way for Teams

WooCommerce Memberships version 1.9 is being released today! Exactly one year after 1.7, our biggest feature-packed release since the plugin inception. In between there have been 15 releases, 1 minor and 14 patch releases (according to semantic versioning terms). That’s more than one plugin update per month! Version 1.8 was too an important release: it had to account for WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility, an important milestone for the world’s largest eCommerce platform. For this reason, though,…

Managing WooCommerce Order Status for Virtual Sellers

Howdy all! Today’s Ask SkyVerge question is geared towards virtual sellers, and comes from Lars: My question refers to an economic and client-oriented setting of order statuses and order emails for use case of buying a virtual product like a membership through a WooCommerce shop. Order status for these virtual products move only to processing rather than completed. This also results in multiple emails being sent for a virtual order. Is there a more sane…

SkyVerge WooCommerce Extensions

Moving WooCommerce Orders Between Sites

One of the most common problems for WooCommerce stores that have multiple environments (such as a staging and live version of the site) is how to move data back and forth between these versions of the site. For example, what if you use an eCommerce-friendly host like SiteGround or Kinsta who has a one-click staging environment you can use? You could update a design or content on the staging site, but to push that information…

Filtering WooCommerce Orders

Filtering your WooCommerce orders gives you a way to find the transaction records you’re looking for faster. When we’re working on threads in the help desk, this is useful to us as developers as well so we can find the orders relevant to the issue quickly. One of the most helpful filters for debugging is to filter orders by payment method used, as we’ll use this for payment gateway support, or when seeing if an…

SkyVerge WooCommerce Extensions

Add a Lock Icon to WooCommerce Memberships Restricted Posts

We’ve gotten this question a few times, most recently from Jon: Can I add a lock icon before restricted posts? I already use FontAwesome, but I’m not sure how to add / remove the lock depending on whether the customer has access. Definitely do-able 🙂 As Jon has noted though, be sure that FontAwesome is already loaded on your site so the icon can be shown. To add the icon, we’ll filter the_title to adjust…

Blocking WooCommerce Social Login Registration

We’ve got an Ask SkyVerge question today from Jonathan that’s a neat usage of Social Login hooks: Is there a way to only allow social login for people who have an account already? Meaning we don’t want to create an account for them automatically since they should purchase a memberships to log in. Sure thing — there are hooks that will let us hook into Social Login just before it creates an account to stop…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Local Pickup Plus Version 2.0

Local Pickup Plus version 2.0.0 was released last week! This is a major rewrite of our plugin for managing pickup locations: a comprehensive solution to let your customers pick up their orders at one of your business premises. “A rewrite you say? Why the need to redo stuff? Does it mean it wasn’t good from the beginning?” — When software evolves it doesn’t mean stacking new features and things on top of the ones built…

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