Automate your member communication MailChimp for WooCommerce Memberships helps you take member communication to the next level. Within a few clicks, you can being to automatically sync your members to…

Add documentation, such as setup instructions or warranty information, to your product pages.

Sell downloadable PDF Vouchers that can be redeemed in-person or in-store at a later date.

Import order, coupon, and customer records to WooCommerce via CSV format. Supports importing thousands of records at once!

Adds a shortcode to display the total orders in your shop by status.

Apply coupons and add items to the cart with a single click using URL coupons. Easily apply discounts in newsletter links, ads, and more.

Allow customers to order products based on any measurement you choose - let customers define an exact measurement, or set a measurement for each quantity (i.e., square footage in a…

Link accounts to social networks or allow for creation of new accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other networks for seamless login and checkout.

Add a custom tab to any product to share set up instructions, videos, or other product information.