WooCommerce Product SKU Generator

Automatically generate SKUs for parent or simple products, and / or product variations. Parent / Simple SKUs can use product slugs or IDs. Variation SKUs will append the variation ID or attribute slugs to the parent SKU.

IMPORTANT: The SKU field will be disabled for simple products and parent products when you select to generate these. If you update a product that already has an SKU you’ve assigned, it will be overridden.

We recommend selectively enabling and disabling the plugin if you want to generate SKUs, then be able to override them.


  • automatically generate SKUs when a product is published or updated
  • option to generate SKUs for parent / simple products from the product slug or ID
  • option to generate SKUs for product variations using the parent SKU variation attributes or variation ID
  • bulk update previously published products to generate new SKUs

WooCommerce Product SKU Generator Details

See the “Documentation” tab for help with setup and configuration.

SKUs for all product types
The WooCommerce Product SKU generator lets you to determine whether all products (including variations) should have automatically generated SKUs, if only simple products (and variable parent products) should have automatically assigned SKUs, or all products (both parent / simple products and variations).

No matter which option is selected, SKUs will be automatically generated any time a product is published or updated. If you generate parent / simple products, the SKU changes if the product slug changes.

Sample Generated SKUs
Here are several samples of SKUs that can be generated with the plugin:

Bulk Updating
Bulk updating your products will allow you to bulk generate SKUs for products. If you select the products you want to update and bulk edit, all you have to do is hit “Update”. When the products are saved, new SKUs will be generated for all of the products you just edited. This also automatically generates SKUs for variations if you have the variation setting enabled.

You can view more or contribute on GitHub.