Managing WooCommerce Order Status for Virtual Sellers

Howdy all! Today’s Ask SkyVerge question is geared towards virtual sellers, and comes from Lars: My question refers to an economic and client-oriented setting of order statuses and order emails for use case of buying a virtual product like a membership through a WooCommerce shop. Order status for these virtual products move only to processing rather than completed. This also results in multiple emails being sent for a virtual order. Is there a more sane…

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Filtering WooCommerce Orders

Filtering your WooCommerce orders gives you a way to find the transaction records you’re looking for faster. When we’re working on threads in the help desk, this is useful to us as developers as well so we can find the orders relevant to the issue quickly. One of the most helpful filters for debugging is to filter orders by payment method used, as we’ll use this for payment gateway support, or when seeing if an…

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Blocking WooCommerce Social Login Registration

We’ve got an Ask SkyVerge question today from Jonathan that’s a neat usage of Social Login hooks: Is there a way to only allow social login for people who have an account already? Meaning we don’t want to create an account for them automatically since they should purchase a memberships to log in. Sure thing — there are hooks that will let us hook into Social Login just before it creates an account to stop…

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SkyVerge WooCommerce Extensions

Adjust WooCommerce Memberships Exports

A popular feature with WooCommerce Memberships is the ability to import and export members. While the default export includes membership data, you may want to include other data here as well. Modifying the export is possible, as there are hooks available to change the CSV output; we’ll go over a couple straight-forward examples in this guide. Please note this guide requires beginner PHP development and WordPress skills. Filter WooCommerce Memberships Export Column Headers The first…

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Moving WooCommerce Related Items to a Product Tab

Back in action this week with some tutorials scheduled! First up, we have an Ask SkyVerge question today from Rebecca: You’ve got a great article on how to move product upsells to a widget. But what about moving them to a tab? I’d love your ideas on how to make the tab disappear if there are no upsells. Definitely possible! By default, the upsells are shown on the product page below the product description: We…

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WordPress development tutorials

Screen ID checks with WordPress Submenu Pages

Chances are if you’ve read our series on adding plugin settings to WooCommerce, you’re using an existing WooCommerce settings page or new settings tab to add any required configuration options for your plugin. If you have a more complex plugin who’s data will be accessed very often (such as Memberships or Subscriptions), you may even be adding a new submenu with a custom settings or usage page for your plugin. However, we’ve run into any…

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Get all WooCommerce Refunded orders

I ran into an interesting problem recently for a consulting project where the client needed to know what orders have had refunds processed in WooCommerce. While helping out with this problem, I found that there isn’t a great way to get all refunded orders at once, only to get refunds for a particular order. There are a couple ways you could approach this issue. Let’s start with the couple methods they’d tried first: Get all…

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How to Add WooCommerce Custom Order Actions

If you’re building a plugin or internal tools for WooCommerce, it’s helpful to be able to run actions or shortcuts for order records, as this is what much of your day-to-day management is concerned with. Today we’ll look at how to add WooCommerce custom order actions so that you could modify order data, add information to orders, send order data externally, or run any general action that requires order details. This tutorial requires beginner PHP…

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Disable Repeat WooCommerce Purchases for a Product Category

We previously wrote up a tutorial on preventing repeat purchases for a particular WooCommerce product, or for any product in your store. However, based on the comments there, some merchants wanted to disable repeat WooCommerce purchases for a set of products, but not all products. In order to do so, you could use a product category to check whether repeat purchases should be allowed or not. This would let you group all products that shouldn’t…

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