WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro helps your WooCommerce store get detailed, advanced insights into your customer behavior and checkout funnel. This plugin supercharges what the free Google Analytics plugin offers to provide several advanced events in your store’s analytics reports, such as:

  • coupon applied / removed
  • order refunded
  • order cancelled
  • order completed (both orders that reach the thank you page and those that don’t!)
  • customer sign in / out
  • customer views or completes registration form
  • product reviewed / commented
  • customer email opened
  • and more!

Any event tracked in the free plugin will be tracked by WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro, and almost any customer behavior event you need to track is added by saving your settings!

GA Pro also adds advanced settings, such as excluding shop managers or tracking customer user IDs. Gain better performance, more detailed analytics, and ticketed support with WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro! We’ve also got other features ready to launch once Google brings them out of beta, such as the ability to auto-generate funnels and enhanced eCommerce set up if you give our plugin permission to do so.

Want to compare this to the free plugin? You can view our guide here.