WooCommerce Order Status Manager

Add or Edit WooCommerce Order Statuses and emails!

The WooCommerce Order Status Manager gives you the control you need over your WooCommerce order statuses and associated emails. You can add new orders statuses, along with associated icons and action buttons, to provide the granular control over your orders that you need. You can also edit parts of core order statuses to create an order flow that works for you.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager new status

New Status

Need to trigger emails based on your new statuses? No sweat! You can add emails that will trigger when moving from one status to another, and these emails will have new templates created that you can edit.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager new email

Add a new email

What Can WooCommerce Order Status Manager do?

  • pull in existing custom order statuses so you can deactivate any custom code
  • edit core statuses to set a “next status”
  • add an action button to move to one of your custom statuses – for example, “processing” orders can have an “Awaiting shipment” action
  • add actions from a new status to a core status
  • add new statuses to the order bulk actions to quickly switch statuses
  • add a new email and trigger it based on a status change
  • new emails have a new template, which can be edited

Your new statuses will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your order management, and the addition of new email templates triggered by status changes will help to automate your shop’s customer communication.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager new actions

New statuses & actions