WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields

Turn WooCommerce into a Customer Management System

Need to assign pilots for your helicopter tours? Add tour guides to a tour group? Note additional customer information for your sales team? WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields is designed to allow you to keep all customer information in WooCommerce instead of keeping information in documents, spreadsheets, and about 97 other different places.

The WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields extension provides a simple way to add additional order fields to the admin backend of your store — you can add checklists, dates, text fields, dropdowns, and other field types to any order in your WooCommerce admin. You can optionally determine whether you want customers to be able to view these fields or not as well to improve customer relations.

Note that this will not provide a way for customers to add details to the order from the checkout, and is intended for use by administrators or your sales team. We recommend the Checkout Fields Editor to allow customers to enter needed information (i.e., delivery dates).