Best WooCommerce Hosting

We have two hosting companies we’ve worked with extensively and recommend to host your WooCommerce website: Pagely and SiteGround. They both have excellent support teams with a focus on security and performance, and they do a great job of working with eCommerce sites.

If you’re launching a new site, SiteGround is a great choice. We’ve used SiteGround for small sites and have not been disappointed with their services — they offer the best shared hosting for sites under 100,000 visits per month (we like the GoGeek plan for great features & performance). You can sign up here to get 50-60% off of your hosting services.
We migrated our sites to Pagely from WP Engine ourselves for this site and to scale up our hosting, and recommend it for larger sites or developers with more than one site (100,000+ total visits per month). The VPS plans have developer-friendly features we ❤️, and Pagely has a proven track record of excellence. They also have tons of experience with WooCommerce sites.

If you need to scale up a very large eCommerce site, moving to a Pagely VPS is a great choice, and gave us more flexibility and server access. However, SiteGround’s GoGeek plan or cloud hosting also work very well for WooCommerce hosting.

eCommerce Learning

We sponsor a site that covers news, tips, and tricks related to all things WordPress eCommerce that we highly recommend you visit! Let us know what you think of – we all contribute articles there, and there are some great tips and reviews (if we do say so ourselves 😉 ). It also has a huge list of recommended themes, plugins, and other services.
Chris Lema frequently writes about eCommerce and membership solutions, but also writes general business articles about pricing and marketing. He usually writes daily.
We frequently read Post Status for general WordPress news and updates, which is run by our friend Brian Krogsgard. He does a great job in providing a mix of original articles and linking to useful content.
If you want more generic eCommerce information, such as marketing tips or case studies, check out our a list of our favorite sites over at Sell with WP.

WordPress Plugins

We have a few plugins we really like at SkyVerge (one of them is, of course, WooCommerce). However, there are a lot of other useful plugins out there.

AffiliateWP is our favorite plugin for creating an eCommerce affiliate referral network for your store. It’s well-built, delivers high performance, is easy to use, and is backed by excellent developers.
SkyVerge Recommends Gravity Forms
We love Gravity Forms for building contact forms, quizzes, surveys, and more — it’s installed on every one of our sites. It also integrates with MailChimp, can be used as a registration form, and can even be used for payments.
SkyVerge recommends mailchimp
[Free] MailChimp is our preferred email service, and MailChimp for WP lets us easily connect our site to our MailChimp lists and groups, making it simple for visitors to subscribe.
SkyVerge recommends related posts for wordpress
Related Posts for WordPress is the best related content plugin we’ve found, and we use the premium version at Sell with WP. You can relate content from different post types, and performance is fantastic. There’s also a free version you can try.
WP Migrate DB Pro is one of the most useful plugins out there for developers. You can use it to assist with migrating your site, or to create a restore point before updating plugins or themes – get 20% off by clicking here.
wp seo
[Free] Another plugin we almost always install: WordPress SEO. The easiest SEO plugin out there to use, and it’s helped us improve content across all of our sites.

WooCommerce Themes

storefront Our favorite WooCommerce theme is Storefront from WooThemes. Not only is it free, but it has several useful extensions, such as a WooCommerce-styles customizer. It’s an excellent starting point for any developer to build from, or the extensions can help anyone customize the theme themselves. It also features tight-integration with WooCommerce to show your products off while still remaining lightweight with a super-lean codebase.

If you’re looking for other premiums themes, here are some of our favorite authors.

We’ve always had great success using themes from WooThemes ourselves. They’re easy to customize and support a variety of plugins from WooThemes. They’re also guaranteed to work with the latest version of WooCommerce, which isn’t always the case when purchasing from other theme providers.
We also recommend themes from Codestag on ThemeForest, which are well designed and coded. They recently won an award for the best new WooCommerce theme on ThemeForest with the Crux Theme. Their Forest Theme probably seems familiar – you’re looking at a modified version.
While they don’t exclusively make WooCommerce themes, Astoundify is a top-notch theme developer, and their Listify theme is excellent for WooCommerce shops, especially those using WP Job Manager for listings.

Learning WordPress Development

We give out a lot of tips and advice at SkyVerge. However, if you want to become a better developer, we highly recommend the VIP Membership from WPSessions, which is $50 off for a limited time. Their standard presentations always provide some valuable information and tips for WordPress development, but the VIP membership is geared towards helping WordPress developers improve and earn more by learning from WordPress experts.


We take on some customization jobs, but we don’t have availability for all requests. In these cases, we recommend Wisdm Labs or Codeable.

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Additional Products & Services

freshbook We proudly use FreshBooks for our own invoicing, and recommend them for any shops that require invoicing services. You can sign up for a free trial account to test drive the service – we even have a full-featured integration available for your WooCommerce store.