WooCommerce Shipping Estimate

Customers hate unwelcome surprises in the shopping process, whether it’s higher-than-expected shipping costs or the inability to get an order by a preferred time.

WooCommerce Shipping Estimates lets you add an estimated delivery time for each shipping method available in your store to keep customers informed as to how long each shipping method takes to send an order. Any shipping method listed under WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping can accept a minimum delivery estimate, maximum estimate, or both.

You can also determine whether to show the WooCommerce shipping estimate as a day range (2-5 days) or a date range (January 1 – January 4).

WooCommerce Shipping delivery estimates settings

Plugin Settings

Please note that shipping methods that do not appear under the Shipping settings (such as combined rates like Table Rate Shipping) will not be compatible with this plugin. We do not plan to add support for this in the future.

Day ranges will show a range if both values are set for the estimate, or they’ll show “up to” / “at least” for open-ended estimates (only minimum or maximum estimate set):

WooCommerce Shipping Estimate day range

Day Range estimate

WooCommerce Shipping Estimate open-ended estimates

Open-ended day estimates

The cart page will also show this information to your customers:

WooCommerce Shipping Estimate cart page display

Methods on cart page

If you opt to show dates instead of days, the customers will instead see dates generated from your minimum / maximum day estimate:

WooCommerce shipping estimates date range

Date Range estimate

WooCommerce Shipping Estimate dates

Open-ended date estimates

You can download WooCommerce Shipping Estimates for free by using the “Download” button above.

  • Requires PHP 7.0+
  • Requires WooCommerce 3.5+