WooCommerce Display Order Count

This plugin gives you a new shortcode to display the total number of orders placed in your shop. By default the [wc_order_count] shortcode will only display the total number of completed orders in the shop.

Using the Shortcode: woocommerce order count

Using the Shortcode

woocommerce order count display

Displayed to customers

You can also pass a list of statuses into the shortcode to display a total for other statuses. For example, to show the total of all completed and processing orders, we could use:

[wc_order_count status="completed, processing"]

WooCommerce order count: completed Processing

Adding Multiple Statuses

Displaying totals for multiple statuses woocommerce order count

Displaying totals for multiple statuses

Here’s a list of the core WooCommerce order statuses for reference:


You can use these as well as slugs for custom order statuses in the “status” attribute.