WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Social Login 2.0

We’re excited to share WooCommerce Social Login version 2.0 with you this week. This release doesn’t contain tons of new features, but it does have very significant changes to the plugin structure. Migrating to HybridAuth The biggest change in version 2.0 is that we’ve migrated to a new authentication library. This changes the way the plugin communicates with social networks to authenticate your customers and retrieve profile information. While you won’t see any changes at…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Elavon 2.0: Tokenization, Refunds, & lots of Payments Tools

We’ve got several exciting updates coming to WooCommerce Elavon Converge to share with you, which should be available via your WooCommerce dashboard by tomorrow! Version 2.0.0 refactors large parts of the plugin to make use of some common code we have for payment gateways, improving the plugin’s performance and reliability along with the addition of a new eCheck gateway. This also gives Elavon Converge some useful new features, such as capturing payments from within WooCommerce….

month in review

September in Review

These months just keep rolling by us! Time for another monthly recap 🙂 Our August review mentioned some of the development updates we’ve got today, and we have some new projects in progress as well. General Updates I don’t have too many general updates to share this month, other than it’s been crazy and exciting with several releases on our end. We haven’t written too many blog tutorials since we’ve been busy announcing updates, but…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Authorize.Net CIM: Accept.js Support + Authorization Messages

Two months ago we added Accept.js support to our Authorize.Net AIM extension, allowing merchants to meet the lowest of PCI compliance standards (SAQ A-EP compliance), blending improved security with effective, on-site checkout processes. Today we’re pleased to announce that the same security improvements have been added to our Authorize.Net CIM extension! How Accept.js Works When Accept.js is enabled, the way payment data is communicated to Authorize.Net behind the scenes is altered. However, the checkout form…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Customer / Order XML Export 2.0: New Export Filters, Better Performance

We’re excited to share another large plugin update with you today: The WooCommerce Customer / Order XML Export Suite has now been updated to version 2.0. This is a huge change that incorporates many of the new features we’d added to our CSV Export 4.0 release, and we know this will improve your workflows when exporting orders and customers to XML documents. Custom Format Builder While we’ve always had extensive developer documentation available for our…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Memberships 1.7: Member emails, New Plan Options, and more

WooCommerce Memberships is over one year old now! We launched the plugin in June 2015 and has been a big hit ever since, rapidly becoming one of the most popular WooCommerce extensions. We are happy to announce that Memberships 1.7.0 has been deployed, just a couple months later than Memberships’s birthday. This release represents the largest update since the first version! Keep an eye out in your dashboards for the update, which should be out today.

Disable Repeat WooCommerce Purchases for a Product Category

We previously wrote up a tutorial on preventing repeat purchases for a particular WooCommerce product, or for any product in your store. However, based on the comments there, some merchants wanted to disable repeat WooCommerce purchases for a set of products, but not all products. In order to do so, you could use a product category to check whether repeat purchases should be allowed or not. This would let you group all products that shouldn’t…

month in review

August in Review 2016

We hinted at a couple major development projects at the end of our July in Review, and while a couple of those are wrapping up now, we have several other feature releases or rewrites to recap our August development schedule. General Updates We had a few tutorial blog posts over the past month that could help you with extensions or some general WooCommerce tweaks. Add Social Login Buttons to WooCommerce Memberships: a tutorial on adding…

Ask SkyVerge

Hide WooCommerce Product Reviews Until Purchase

We’ve got an Ask SkyVerge questions queued up for today from Sam: Is there a way to display the WooCommerce review tab only for customers who bought the product? That way users who never bought the product will not be able to see the review tab. Product reviews are one of the most important indicators of social proof for an eCommerce site, and they’re an excellent tool to help customers make purchasing decisions and learn…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Shipwire Version 2.0

Howdy folks! We’re going over the version 2.0 update for WooCommerce Shipwire today, which adds a few handy new features, and paves the way for some others. This update is awaiting deploy, so you should see it available in your dashboards soon! API Update First and most importantly, the plugin has been updated to the latest API version used by Shipwire. This improves reliability and maintenance for the plugin, while also making it easier for…