Shipping returns

Using Local Pickup Plus to support curbside / takeout orders

During the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders and social distancing are part of our new way of life. Many small businesses are working hard to find new and creative ways to do business, despite these unusual conditions. In addition to gift cards, supporting curbside / takeout orders is a great way to let customers purchase your products even when they can’t enter your store. While this model has been historically dominated by pizza shops and other…

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Promote memberships by applying discounts when purchasing the plan’s product

We know how important a quick and easy checkout is for driving conversions, so we’re excited to share a small but powerful update to Memberships: you can now apply membership discounts to eligible products when the cart contains a membership-granting product. When enabled, your customers will immediately receive the benefit of their new membership, instead of requiring that they first purchase their membership plan and then go back and complete the rest of their purchases…

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Ask SkyVerge

How can I require customers apply for a membership and approve their access?

While WooCommerce Memberships is flexible in how your customers can become members, it’s useful for some sites to let customers apply for a membership and then accept or reject their membership. This is desirable for merchants who want a great deal of control over who gets access to membership perks on their site. If you’re interested in setting up Memberships to require application and approval, please let us know! In the meantime, here are a…

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