The All-New WooCommerce Bambora

I’m excited to share the all new WooCommerce Bambora with you today! πŸŽ‰ The WooCommerce Bambora plugin was originally our Beanstream integration. When Beanstream was folded into Bambora last year after being acquired, all merchant accounts were carried over seamlessly. However, merchants using our integration could not take advantage of all of the new technologies offered by Bambora. We’ve completely rebuilt the plugin to support Bambora’s newer API, along with loads of useful new features….

SkyTrip 2018 Recap

SkyVerge is a remote company. That means we spend our days chatting with one another in Slack, waving from our respective tiny digital boxes on Zoom, and sending accolades or shout outs via Basecamp. We love working remotely, and are no strangers to the tools that allow us to bond in digital-land. But, we’re also all very aware of the fact that there is simply no replacement for in-person bonding. To that end, we recently…

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers online redemptions

Online redemptions now available in PDF Product Vouchers

One of the most requested features for PDF Product Vouchers has been the ability to redeem vouchers online, similar to coupons. Well, ask and ye shall receive — we’re excited to share an update for online redemptions today! PDF Product Vouchers has always worked well for printable vouchers, which could only be redeemed at location. These are most often used for in-person store events, such as redeeming a free gift, a seat at a course…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

Introducing MailChimp for WooCommerce Memberships

Memberships has gone bananas! πŸ˜› Just over a month ago we announced our first add-ons for WooCommerce Memberships, and now we’re already doubling down with a new premium add-on to combine the powers of Memberships with MailChimp! MailChimp for WooCommerce Memberships allows you to synchronize your members with any MailChimp list, and segment members according to plan and membership status. Why MailChimp? At SkyVerge, engaging with our customers is super important. Not only do we…

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

Memberships 1.10: spring edition!

Spring is here, and with it, a shiny new Memberships release! This WooCommerce Memberships release cycle focused on two main components: free shipping for members and batch processing. It also comes with a number of new improvements and lots of tweaks under the hood we hope you’ll love. Create your own “prime” shipping for store members! The first major feature we’ve added is just as exciting as it sounds, so I’ll cover it first. πŸ™‚…

SkyVerge WooCommerce Extensions

Using Dynamic Pricing with WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships has the ability to provide discounts for members. This is a popular way to provide perks or wholesale pricing for certain groups of customers. However, Memberships does not have complex sets of rules for for pricing, such as the ability to set discounts at tiers for membership products. You can use Dynamic Pricing for this sort of set up, as it lets you add pricing rules based on role, quantity tiers, and more….

WooCommerce extension updates & releases

Add-ons for WooCommerce Memberships are here!

WooCommerce Memberships has been one of our flagship products at SkyVerge for a couple years, and today we’re very excited for the next evolution of the Memberships ecosystem. When we originally built Memberships, our main goals were to provide a robust integration with Subscriptions for content protection, while also ensuring that sites could offer store perks to certain groups of customers (such as discounts or exclusive products). Over time, we’ve seen Memberships grow from a…

Manual payments

Processing WooCommerce payments for a customer

Our support team often gets asked a variation of this question: How do I process an order on behalf of a customer? I took an order for a customer over the phone, can I run a transaction for it in WooCommerce? I just accepted an order for a product with a custom price, and I’d like to charge the customer manually. Can I do it? I’m going to be charging for expedited shipping, so I…

Ask SkyVerge

Adding Columns to the WooCommerce My Orders List

Time to start with our first Ask SkyVerge question of 2018 πŸ™‚ This question is from Houdayer: Is there a way to add shipping information in the table at MyAccount > Orders? Sure thing! We’re looking at the “Orders” menu in the my account page currently, which shows order number, date, status, total, and actions by default: The woocommerce_my_account_my_orders_columns filter lets us add or adjust the columns included in this list, so we can add…

Shipping returns

Process returns and cancellations with WooCommerce Shipwire

πŸ‘‹ Hey there! I’m the new guy around here. I’m super excited to be joining the SkyVerge team, and to be wrapping up my first project — check it out! -Jared Good things come in… Return packages! Our latest release of Shipwire is all about convenience. We wanted to make your lives as merchants easier, so in 2.3.0 we have made it easier than ever to manage return shipments and handle canceled orders without ever…