Promote memberships by applying discounts when purchasing the plan’s product

We know how important a quick and easy checkout is for driving conversions, so we’re excited to share a small but powerful update to Memberships: you can now apply membership discounts to eligible products when the cart contains a membership-granting product. When enabled, your customers will immediately receive the benefit of their new membership, instead of requiring that they first purchase their membership plan and then go back and complete the rest of their purchases…

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Schedule pickup appointment times with Local Pickup Plus

One of our most requested features is now part of Local Pickup Plus – you can now ask customers to choose a date and time for their pickup appointments! 🎉 This change makes it easier for store owners to plan and prepare to ensure orders are ready (and fresh, for all you bakers!) when customers arrive.  Read on to learn more about how this update will improve your workflow! Setting appointment duration Selecting appointments at…

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A unified Customer / Order / Coupon Export plugin

One export to rule them all, one export to find them,One export to bring them all, and in a file bind them. While conquering Middle Earth has never been on our agenda, it is our quest to make extensions easier for us to manage while providing greater value to our customers. To that end, we’ve unified our XML and CSV Export plugins into the WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export plugin. Let’s embark on…

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Online payments

CyberSource 2.0: saved payment methods, refunds, and better security

CyberSource merchants, rejoice! 🎉 We introduced an upgraded CyberSource version 2.0. With this new version, we’re taking advantage of CyberSource’s updated API to introduce new features and security improvements, and we’ve added support for eCheck processing. We’re also merging our CyberSource SOP plugin into version 2.0! Similar to the recent updates to our Authorize.Net plugins, this will eliminate the confusion over choosing a plugin and will simplify development, since there will be no duplicated code…

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On sale

Export WooCommerce coupons to a CSV file

Last week, our WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Export plugin received a feature update, led by our newest developer, Dan. (👋 Nice work, Dan!) Our CSV Import suite plugin has allowed importing coupons for some time, but we didn’t have a corresponding export available that matched its format exactly. We’ve now added coupon exporting with a compatible format for easy bulk coupon updates. Need to use a different format? That’s okay, too — the coupon…

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QR code

Redeem WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers with barcode scanning

Version 3.5.0 of WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers is here in time for holiday sales, and it brings one of our top feature requests! You can now add QR codes to your vouchers and scan them for quick redemption. Voucher templates can generate a code for a new voucher if you add a barcode field to the template. Notice that several types of barcodes can be generated. However, the plugin only supports scanning QR codes at…

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Better delayed memberships and inherited restrictions with WooCommerce Memberships

The holiday season has already started at SkyVerge with WooCommerce Memberships v1.12 hitting WordPress updates worldwide this week. 🌍 It’s been 2 months since version 1.11 was released, and we’re releasing some small improvements as our last feature release this year. (We freeze releases over the holidays so only critical bug patches are deployed during your busiest sales season.) Let’s go ahead with the unboxing! 🎁 Inheriting restriction rules Some content in WordPress (like pages)…

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The completely rebuilt WooCommerce USA ePay

Who doesn’t love taking new orders in their online store? 💸 Payment processing is a huge part of the order lifecycle, and today I’d love to share how we’re making that process a lot better for WooCommerce stores using USA ePay. We’ve re-built this plugin from the ground-up — let’s dive into some of the newest changes and features! Improved setup Our setup process for WooCommerce USA ePay was not great: showing accepted card types…

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Send automated subscription emails for WooCommerce Subscriptions

We’re no strangers to working with WooCommerce Subscriptions at SkyVerge. We’ve built about a dozen payment gateways that support Subscriptions, and WooCommerce Memberships has a close integration with Subscriptions to control membership access. Given this experience, it was a no-brainer for us to build an integration between Jilt and WooCommerce Subscriptions to send automated subscriber emails. Automated subscriber emails We’ve been spending a lot of time rearchitecting Jilt to send non-order emails, starting with our…

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WooCommerce Memberships: A RESTful API and Jilt integration for advanced emails

WooCommerce Memberships 1.11.0 is here! The new version is packed with important features both above and under the hood. This release of Memberships represents an important milestone in the evolution of this extension, and we’re very excited to see what it brings next. We have a really cool new integration, tools developers will love, and better guidance for new users. Let’s dive in! 🌊 PHP 5.3 is now required Starting from this version, Memberships will…

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