2 years ago, Justin and I founded SkyVerge with the modest goal of taking over the world working for ourselves and building some plugins. Now, with over 65 WooCommerce extensions, 3 Shopify apps, a cross-platform abandoned cart app in the works, and an incredibly talented team of developers, designers, and writers, we couldn’t be more excited with what the future holds.

While we spend some time reminiscing and celebrating (not too much though, lots of work to be done!), we’d like to invite you to join us.

Join the Celebration

We want to share our birthday celebration with you, because who doesn’t love getting gifts?? More importantly, we’d like to thank each of you for supporting us as we grew and for being awesome customers. Thank you for helping us make great eCommerce software.

Now on to the fun part! Here are the gifts we’ll be giving away for our birthday:

  • One (1) grand prize: any WooCommerce extension(s) of your choice worth up to $200 at WooCommerce.com
  • Ten (10) second place prizes: SkyVerge swag, such as tee shirts and stickers

We’ll randomly select the winners from all entrants using the email address you leave the comment with, so please be sure it’s accurate so you can claim your prize. One entry per person, please.

How to Enter

Here’s how you enter:

  • leave a comment with your name and a valid email address by Thursday, March 26 (we’ll use the end of the day EST as the cutoff).
  • in your comment, write us a WooCommerce or WordPress haiku OR
  • tell us which SkyVerge extension that you use is your favorite 🙂

We’ll get in touch via your comment email if you’ve been randomly selected. Easy Peasy. Just note that we moderate comments, so you may not see yours show up right away, but we will be reading and approving entries.

Thanks so much for being a part of our celebration, and I’ll kick it off with a haiku of my own — an ode to webhooks, my One True <3 ™.

Real-time pushed events
Just the data you need, now.
I love you, webhooks.

Please view the sweepstakes rules to ensure that your entry complies.
Cover image credit: Omer Wazir — CC BY-SA 2.0 licensed

Published by Max Rice

Max is one of our co-founders, CEO, resident webhook expert, and coffeescript lover. He's a top WooCommerce contributor, unit test aficionado, survivor of coding with timezones, and spends much of his time being the chief bottleneck at SkyVerge.


  1. I’m not a very good poet but I’ll give it a shot!

    Portfolios, stores,
    WordPress for all kinds of sites —
    It’s not just for blogs!

  2. My favorite extension is the order csv exporter plugin. essential for sending our orders to our fulfillment center.

    happy birthday!

  3. My favorite extension is the Skyverge Woocommerce Product Retailers plugin. It makes affiliate marketing easily compatible with my clients’ online stores.

  4. Happy Birthday Skyverge. I like the csv exporter plugin as well.

  5. First off, a big Happy Birthday! Doesn’t time just fly when you are having fun 😉

    Well, I just have to go the favorite extension route. Although I have recommended so many of them to clients, the one that I have probably recommended most, and have used over and over myself, is the WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Exporter.

    It’s been a huge timesaver!!


  6. Ha-ha-ha .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY *<|:) I have quite a few of your plugins in use already so I can’t really tell which is my favourite 😀

    But anyway, have a great one and have a greater future!

  7. Thank You WooCommerce
    Make our eCommerce site go
    Help customers pay!

  8. My favourite extension from you guys has to be the csv exporter, used on a daily basis, don’t know how or where I’d be without it 🙂

    Special mention for your blog and the mega snippets that come with it!

    Happy birthday and keep on coding!!!



  9. SkyVerge creates plugs
    Devs work with boundless limits
    ecommerce extends

  10. Hi
    I like a lot of your extensions!
    I’m not know to be a lucky winner at anything but worth a try!

  11. My favourite plugin that I use is WooCommerce Nested Category Layout.

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Inspired by your webhook haiku, mine is on the REST API (with a hint of doge).

    One interface, much data
    REST API, wow

  13. WooCommerce is free
    SkyVerge helps me make more money
    By being awesome

  14. Happy Birthday!

    It’s hard to pick a favourite since we love all of SkyVerge’s products! But, if we have to choose, our favourite plugin (and one that gets used on almost all new sites) is Sequential Order Numbers Pro. How could we live without the ability to tame those WooCommerce order numbers!


  15. My ecommerce haiku:

    All shopping carts suck.
    Skyverge, though, reduces the
    suckage. Thank you guys!

  16. Randomly select?
    Why, when this haiku is much
    better than the rest?


  17. My coffee has cooled.
    I’m absorbed in WooCommerce,
    drink it cold

  18. Congratulations on the milestone! Not only do you have some great WooCommerce extensions, but you’ve helped me above and beyond expectations multiple times.

    I think my favorite extension is URL Coupons. I turn off the visible coupon field so as not to distract from the checkout process, but can still offer coupons when needed as a URL.

  19. I use your paypal express plugin! 🙂

  20. I don’t know which extension is my favorite because I am just starting on my first woocommerce website, but I appreciate that you contribute to the software and have so many payment gateways–and a great newsletter too.

  21. Newbie learns WordPress,
    creates blog, store and the rest,
    WooCommerce is best.

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