The SkyVerge Way

Our Homepage says it all: Expect Excellence.

Ever watch Captain Planet? No? Okay, well to call on Captain Planet for help, the Planeteers (his sidekicks) had to put all of their individual powers together. We’re kind of like that. With our powers combined…we don’t actually summon Captain Planet. But we do make an awesome software team – one you can depend on for high quality software and exceptional customer service.

We specialize in all things eCommerce, and pride ourselves on building top-tier WooCommerce extensions, Shopify apps, and custom eCommerce software. We’re the leading WooCommerce development team with over 60 extensions available, our Shopify portfolio has some of the highest ratings in the app store, and Jilt, our cart abandonment app, has recovered over $17 million in lost sales for merchants.

Meet the Team

Max Rice
Co-founder, CEO

Max is one of our co-founders, and has been taking apart and re-building computers since age 9 (not always successfully). Max splits his time between being a lead developer, CEO, and minister of silly walks.

SkyVerge Team | Justin Stern
Justin Stern
Co-founder, CTO

Justin is our other co-founder, and has loved technology since starting to play Kings Quest on his Macintosh LC II and program games in HyperCard. Justin leads our technical direction as CTO and is our resident overengineer.

Beka Rice
WooCommerce Lead

Beka handles operations, product roadmaps, and development for our WooCommerce products. She Sell with WP, a site we sponsor about WordPress eCommerce, and is often found singing along to music without realizing it.

Emily Moss
Shopify Lead

Emily is the leader of our ShopStorm team. She’s in charge of all things Shopify at SkyVerge, driving marketing, product roadmaps, and client services, all while ensuring the team is up-to-date on hockey scores.

Chase Wiseman
Chase Wiseman
PHP Engineer

Chase works primarily on WooCommerce development and top-tier plugin support. He’s found doing everything from building new plugins and squashing existing bugs to educating the team on movies and homebrewing.

Maggie Moss
Maggie Moss
Rails Engineer

Maggie is our Rails and NodeJS engineer devoted to maintaining and improving our Shopify apps. Not only does she strengthen the Canuck contingent for SkyVerge, she literally wrote the book on teaching others to code for HTML[500].

Illimar Tambek
PHP Engineer

Illimar is our internationalization expert and resident rockstar. He focuses most of his time on new plugin development, rewrites, and feature additions. When he’s not keyboard-punching, he’s enjoying a sauna in the at the edge of the Artic circle.

Dani Madrid
Rails Engineer

Dani is our human GitHub-issue-wrecking-ball, and spends the majority of his time improving Jilt and working with merchants to drive more revenue. He currently resides in Scotland speaking the Queen’s Spanglish.

Lucas Lessa
Lucas Lessa
Rails Engineer

Lucas splits his time between developing updates or new features for our Shopify apps and making improvements to Jilt. When he’s not tearing through GitHub issues, he’s enjoying the outdoors on the Big Island.

Ryan Frizzell
Ryan Frizzell
Support Lead

Ryan is our Shopify support lead, hockey fan, and real, live musician (seriously, he actually has an album on iTunes!). He delivers first-rate solutions and customer service for our Shopify merchants from Canada.

Hannes Benson
Hannes Benson
Rails Engineer

Hannes is a Shopify Engineer, email expert, and coffee aficionado. When he’s not enjoying a swim in the South African heat, he’s found maintaining and adding features to our Shopify apps along with doing top-tier support.

Thaoly Roberts
Product Marketing Manager

Thaoly leads marketing efforts with team SkyVerge, from content to partnerships and advertising. Her talents include sales funnel analysis and naming every worthwhile farmers’ market in the greater LA area.

Fulvio Notarstefano
PHP Engineer

Fulvio is our international man of code. He devotes a lot of his time as a WordPress engineer to improving WooCommerce Memberships, but has a hand (okay and maybe some feet) in other plugin development and support.

Tamara Zuk
PHP Engineer

Tamara is a WordPress Engineer focused on WooCommerce support and fixes. She’s commonly found leading support, squashing bugs, adding features, and battling white walkers in the frigid Canadian north.

Ian Misner
Customer Support Specialist

Ian‘s knack for conflict-hunting helps him deliver front-line support for our plugins and apps. He’s commonly found enjoying pizza, listening to podcasts while watching his kids play sports, or running…obviously, so he can enjoy more pizza.

Jonathan Pike
Rails Engineer

In the time between coffee-brewing and toddler-wrangling, Jonathan adds feature improvements to and squashes bugs in Jilt. When he’s not work-coding, he’s most often found fun-coding 🙂

Julie Martin
Customer Support Specialist

Julie adds encyclopedic knowledge of both customer support processes and Star Trek: TNG to Team SkyVerge. She’s top-notch at bug-hunting in support threads, troubleshooting in multiple languages (bonjour!), and carving amazing jack o’lanterns.

Kim is our part-time customer happiness guru. She handles tier 1 product support, customer inquiries, and tracks feature requests for our Shopify apps.

Jai is a part-time writer frequently found in our ShopStorm and Sell with WP blogs, where he’s happy to help with how to articles & shop tips.