WooCommerce extension updates & releases

We are excited to tell you about the latest release of our WooCommerce Chase Paymentech extension! In version 1.9 we’ve added some key new features that will improve the experience for both you and your customers, along with a few under-the-hood updates to improve reliability.

Refund or Void Charges in WooCommerce

You can now refund or void transactions directly through the WooCommerce admin and have those actions reflected automatically in your merchant terminal.

WooCommerce Chase Paymentech Refunds via WooCommerce

Refunds via WooCommerce

If you refund an authorized transaction that hasn’t yet been captured, the plugin will automatically perform a void instead and cancel the order (as funds haven’t transferred yet).

Force Charges for Virtual Orders

The gateway credit card settings give you a choice for your transaction type: authorization or charge (immediate capture).

For many merchants, authorizations are typically useful when you want to only process a charge after an order has shipped — this can help to avoid processing refunds or voids if an order is modified / cancelled.

However, if you also sell virtual or digital goods, using an authorization means that you don’t charge for these items immediately. Orders are typically placed on hold when authorized, so there’s no risk of customers getting access to digital goods they haven’t paid for yet, but this can mean they don’t see access for downloads immediately (which could cause customer service headaches for you).

We’ve now added an option to force charges for orders if they only contain virtual items:

WooCommerce Authorize.Net AIM / CIM virtual only charge

This means that customers can get access to downloads immediately: the transaction is processed right away and the order is marked “processing”, so customers are granted Membership access, downloadable files, or access to other virtual content. Orders with shippable goods will follow your usual workflow and will remain authorized, awaiting capture to transfer funds.

Show Detailed Decline Messages

Chase Paymentech now supports detailed decline messages at checkout. Any time a transaction is declined and a useful error is returned, a detailed message is displayed rather than the generic, “please try another payment method” notice.

WooCommerce Chase Paymentech detailed decline message

This can help reduce lost orders by giving customers explicit instructions on why the transaction failed.

Mastercard Logo Update and BIN2 Series Support

We’re keeping in step with the most recent changes Mastercard is making, most notably with a new logo that will be used for our retina card icons at checkout and on the account pages.

WooCommerce Chase Paymentech Saved Methods

Additionally, while Mastercard numbers have typically begun with 5 or 6, we’ve added support for the new BIN2 series of cards that begin with 2. This means that our plugin will recognize these new card numbers properly as Mastercards and show the correct icons instead of a generic credit card icon.

Add Payment Method Workflow

Customers can now save new credit cards to their account, independent of the checkout process. This works the same was as the “Add payment method” workflow we’ve had available in other gateway plugins, such as Authorize.Net CIM:

WooCommerce Chase Paymentech Add Payment Method from Account

Add Method from Account

These saved cards can then be used in future checkout processes or for recurring billing transactions.

Want to give it a try? You can download the latest release from WooCommerce or read more about the new features in our detailed documentation. As always, if you run into any hiccups with upgrades or new features, we’re happy to help via the help desk.

Published by Chase Wiseman

Chase is a WordPress engineer at SkyVerge, most often found mastering payment gateways and other integrations with WooCommerce. He builds new plugins, maintains existing ones, and helps support WooCommerce merchants.