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We’ve got several exciting updates coming to WooCommerce Elavon Converge to share with you, which should be available via your WooCommerce dashboard by tomorrow!

Version 2.0.0 refactors large parts of the plugin to make use of some common code we have for payment gateways, improving the plugin’s performance and reliability along with the addition of a new eCheck gateway. This also gives Elavon Converge some useful new features, such as capturing payments from within WooCommerce.

Tokenization Support

Elavon Converge 2.0.0 adds the tools necessary to process tokenized credit card transactions, which provides support for WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders.

WooCommerce Elavon Save credit cards

Tokenization Support

Customers can use the credit cards they’ve previously saved the next time they place a new order.

WooCommerce Elavon use saved method

Use a saved card

Add Payment Method

Additionally, customers can save new credit cards to their account, independent of the checkout process. This works the same was as the “Add payment method” workflow we’ve had available in other gateway plugins, such as Authorize.Net CIM:

WooCommerce Elavon add payment

Add Payment workflow

eCheck Support

In addition, an eCheck gateway has been added which allows you to let you accept eCheck payments for one-off purchases:

WooCommerce Elavon echeck checkout

eChecks at Checkout

Elavon Converge eCheck does not support tokenization / Subscriptions, but can be used for any single order.

Enhanced Payment Form

Streamlining the customer’s experience as they input their credit card details is incredibly important. With this in mind, we’ve greatly improved the payment form by adding inline field validation, automatic card type identification using stellar-looking new retina card icons, and live formatting of card numbers and expiration dates.

WooCommerce Elavon Save credit cards

Checkout Form

Keep an eye out for future updates as well! We’ve got even more enhancements already in the works, such as a more mobile-friendly payment experience.

Payment Captures in WooCommerce

If you authorize transactions without capturing them, Elavon Converge now supports capturing charges from directly within the WooCommerce admin:

WooCommerce Elavon Capture Charges

Capture Charges

This will automatically update the order status from on hold to processing, and captures the charge within Converge so you don’t have to log into your merchant account.

WooCommerce Elavon Payment Captures

Charges can be captured for several orders at once via bulk action as well.

Refund and Void Support

You can now refund or void transactions directly through the WooCommerce admin and have those actions reflected automatically in your merchant terminal.

WooCommerce Elavon process refund

Refunds can be processed for any credit card transaction, but eCheck refunds are not possible.

If you refund an authorized transaction that hasn’t yet been captured, the plugin will automatically perform a void instead and cancel the order (as funds haven’t transferred yet).

Multi-Currency Support

Supported accounts can now leverage Elavon Converge’s Multi-Currency feature to allow your customers to pay in currencies other than your merchant account’s currency transparently and Converge will handle converting the payment, minus any conversion fees.

WooCommerce Elavon Connection Settings

This can either be your shop’s base currency, or using a currency switching plugin such as the Currency Switcher from Aelia.

Detailed Decline Messages

Elavon Converge now supports detailed decline messages at checkout. Any time a transaction is declined and a useful / specific error is returned, a detailed message is displayed rather than the generic, “please try another payment method” notice.

WooCommerce Elavon detailed decline message

Ready to try it out? You can download the update from WooCommerce and read more about enabling the new features in our detailed plugin documenation. As always, if you run into any hiccups with upgrades or new features, we’re happy to help via the help desk.

Published by Chase Wiseman

Chase is a WordPress engineer at SkyVerge, most often found mastering payment gateways and other integrations with WooCommerce. He builds new plugins, maintains existing ones, and helps support WooCommerce merchants.

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