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It feels like I just wrote our February in Review, and here we are with another post! Our team was elbow deep into some large projects this month, along with preparations for WooConf (hope we’ll see you there today!), so it’s been a crazy 31 days.

Here’s a look at what we were up to in March, along with what we’re doing now.

General Updates

We got some well-rounded contributions from the team this month on our blog 🙂 First, Fulvio filled us in on his adventures in Japan, as he met several members of the Japanese WooCommerce community and attended 2 meetups while traveling.

We wrote a few posts about our own extensions in March as well:

We also wrote a couple developer tutorials on WooCommerce core this month:


We spent a fair bit of time preparing for WooConf — this means prepping speaker talks, getting developer gatherings organized, getting some schwag, and making sure all of our team itineraries were prepped.

We’re pumped to have our WooCommerce team back together, and hope if you’re attending you’ll pop by the Ninja help desk to say hi 🙂

WooCommerce AvaTax v1.1.0

Chase led version 1.1.0 for WooCommerce AvaTax this month, which lets you now limit tax calculations by country, and by region.

WooCommerce AvaTax locations

For example, if you only want to assess tax in the UK, you can do so by enabling this restriction.

WooCommerce Beanstream v1.9.0

WooCommerce Beanstream v1.9.0 was deployed this month as well. This release (led by Tamara) adds hash key support for improved security in sending customer data (such as addresses) to Beanstream.

Cost of Goods v2.1.0

Max pushed out some updates to Cost of Goods for v2.1.0 this month. This improves some of the reporting changes from version 2.0 to separate stock valuation report into two reports: Product Valuation and Total Valuation. This lets you view both product-specific valuation and total inventory valuation.

By doing this, we were able to add the ability to search for a product when viewing the Product Valuation stock report.

And another tiny feature / improvement: costs are included in the product quick edit UI for faster editing 🙂

WooCommerce New Customer Report

I started a new plugin this month, and the team helped me take it across the finish line: WooCommerce New Customer Report

This free plugin gives you the number of first-time purchasers for your shop in a given time period:

WooCommerce New Customer Report: year view

Year View

This helps you get metrics like customer acquisition cost, as it provides the number of customers who made their first purchase in this period (tracked using billing email as an identifier).

Payment Gateway Rewrites

We’d mentioned both WooCommerce First Data and WooCommerce Paytrail rewrites last month (led by Max and Chase, respectively), and we held these a bit to make some further generic improvements that will apply to other gateways before releasing them. These should be released following WooConf 🙂

In Progress

We’ve got a lot of new development in progress as well. Fulvio is elbow deep in Memberships v.1.6, and Tam is making some refinements to Google Analytics Pro.

Max and Chase are continuing to blitz payment gateways (Intuit QBMS refactoring just began!), and we have a new integration plugin that’s wrapping development now. Stay tuned for lots more in April ?

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