Moving WooCommerce Upsells on Product Pages

Your WooCommerce products can have upsells assigned to them so that you can encourage customers to buy different versions or more expensive products while visiting your product page. You can add these under Product Data > Linked Products while editing a product, and the upsells will be shown at the end of your product description. However, most times this is at the bottom of your product page. What if customers don’t end up scrolling all…

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Ask SkyVerge

Create a “My Memberships” section shortcode with WooCommerce Memberships

Today’s question comes from Scott: Can I use or create a shortcode to have the “My Memberships” area outside of the “My Account” page? In other words, if I wanted to place My Memberships on a page other than the default /my-account page, would I be able to do that? This is an interesting question, as you could add the “My Memberships” table to a custom page on your site, protect that page for members,…

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Add WooCommerce Email Recipients Conditionally

This comes from an interesting question we got from Helmar: Is it possible to send an “order received” email to a second recipient only if the order contained a tangible product? Background: If I receive orders with tangible products, my shipping company gets a CC of that order in order to fulfill it. If the order contained no tangible product, there’s no need for them to receive a copy of the order. This is definitely…

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Add a Registration Link to WooCommerce Customer Emails

I got a purchase receipt email recently that had a lot of great details, such as the shipping status of each item ordered, along with some related items that I might be interested in. However, there was one section that I found kind of interesting: the email had a registration prompt telling me all of the benefits of creating an account with the site. I thought this was pretty neat, and adding a prompt like…

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Add Plugin Settings to WooCommerce, Part 2

This is post 6 of 8 in the series “Build a WooCommerce Extension” In part 1 of “Adding plugin settings to WooCommerce”, we showed you how to add plugin settings to an existing settings section (e.g., “Products > General”) or to an existing settings tab in a new section, such as a new section under “Products”. However, if your plugin has a lot of settings, (something like Memberships is a good example), then you may…

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Change the WooCommerce Price Display

Here’s an interesting question we got from Mike: I sell grass fed beef skewers, and there are a certain number of skewers per pound. Customers should be able to select the number of skewers, but I want to show them the cost per pound so they can compare them. Is this possible? There are a couple moving parts to this question, but the optimal solution here would be to change the WooCommerce price display. As…

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WooCommerce reviews + tutorials

Add Plugin Settings to WooCommerce, Part 1

This is post 5 of 8 in the series “Build a WooCommerce Extension” Our series has been going over creating your own plugin, but we’ve focused primarily on what your plugin does. You may need to let your users make choices as to how the plugin acts, so your plugin may require its own set of settings. Using the WooCommerce settings API is the best way to add settings for a WooCommerce extension, as you’ll…

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How to Add WooCommerce Delivery Estimates

Showing a delivery estimate for WooCommerce shipping methods can help your customers determine which method is best for the order. For example, while free shipping may be available, what if this takes longer and the customer needs the package by a certain date? To avoid situations like this which may result in an abandoned cart, you can communicate the estimated shipping time up front during the cart / checkout process instead. While you can show…

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month in review

September in Review

We decided to start publishing a “month in review” last month, so here’s what happened with team SkyVerge in September 🙂 General updates Subscriptions 2.0 Released Fix Releases Social Login 1.6.0 WooCommerce Fulfillrite WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Braintree Rewrite October To Dos General Updates We’re sponsoring another workshop hosted by BobWP along with Prospress! If you’re in the Seattle area, check out Building Your Membership Site with WooCommerce on October 8 — 9:30 am –…

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Prevent Repeat Purchase with WooCommerce

Depending on what kind of products you sell, you may want to prevent customers from purchasing a WooCommerce product more than once from your store. For some shops, you may want to disable any repeat purchases at all, or you may want to prevent repeat purchase only for a specific product. We’ve seen this most commonly with WooCommerce Memberships, as shops may want to restrict a free trial membership from being “purchased” again, or restrict…

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