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Hi all!

Some of you have asked us both here and at Sell with WP a bit about how to customize your WooCommerce emails. We did write about creating your own custom WooCommerce emails, but changing the look of your emails to blend in with your brand is an important part of your store’s communication.

We wanted to let you know that Justin has written a tutorial on customizing WooCommerce order emails at Sell with WP for you to check out. He’s covered how to change the look of emails via WooCommerce settings, template tweaks, plugins, and how to create conditional content for your emails (i.e., instructions for pickup vs shipped orders).

This will help you to create a consistent experience between your shop and emails for customers and to reinforce your brand. It’s also handy for making sure customers have the order information that they need without getting separate emails from your shop.

In case you didn’t know, we also have an Ask SkyVerge post category dedicated to small tutorials or questions like this. Have a similar question? Fill out our question form to let us know!

Published by Beka Rice

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