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Hey Everyone! We’ve released a minor update for the WooCommerce iPhone app that adds support for custom order statuses.

If you’ve added your own order status to your store (maybe you even used Justin’s tutorial to do this), the app previously didn’t know how to handle this information.

We’ve now added the ability to read custom order statuses, such as “Shipped” or “Awaiting Fulfillment” (provided that they’ve been created correctly), and each of these new statuses will be displayed in order details with a custom status icon.

WooCommerce iPhone app custom order status

There are also some minor bug fixes in this release, but no major features. Go, go, go, upgrade!

As for other WooCommerce iPhone app news, we are working hard to add the updates for order status and push notifications that we’d mentioned at launch. We’re really pleased with how the order status changes are looking so far!

Max recently wrapped up some additions to the WooCommerce REST API that add webhooks, which will now enable us to add order push notifications along with the other features we’d discussed for a version 1.1 release. Remember, we can only move as fast as the API does, so if you’ll want to use these features, you’ll have to upgrade to WooCommerce 2.2 when it’s released.

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