Use profile fields to learn more about your members

Good news, Memberships fans! ????️ In Memberships version 1.19, we added profile fields, which let you collect information about your members beyond the built-in basics. With customized profile fields, you’ll learn more about your members, which will make it easier to support and retain your existing members, as well as target new members.  Keep reading to learn more! Fields to gather any kind of information Memberships sites are not created equal, so we wanted to…

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Rename teams to better match your memberships

When we released Teams for Memberships, we knew that there was a need to sell membership access to large organizations. Since then, we’ve heard from many merchants who sell team memberships to all sorts of groups where the term “team” doesn’t quite apply, such as schools, families, clubs, and companies—just to name a few! To make sure that your group memberships match your site’s brand and your membership target audience, we’ve introduced a setting that…

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Online payments

Moneris: Multicurrency support for the United States and Canada

Good news, Moneris merchants! We’ve released an update to route payments to different Moneris accounts based on their currency. This update makes it easier for you to support customers in the United States and Canada without needing to manually sort out transactions in different currencies within one merchant account.  To use this feature, you’ll need a plugin that can let your customers switch your store’s default currency. We recommend Aelia’s Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, but…

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Promote memberships by applying discounts when purchasing the plan’s product

We know how important a quick and easy checkout is for driving conversions, so we’re excited to share a small but powerful update to Memberships: you can now apply membership discounts to eligible products when the cart contains a membership-granting product. When enabled, your customers will immediately receive the benefit of their new membership, instead of requiring that they first purchase their membership plan and then go back and complete the rest of their purchases…

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A unified Customer / Order / Coupon Export plugin

One export to rule them all, one export to find them,One export to bring them all, and in a file bind them. While conquering Middle Earth has never been on our agenda, it is our quest to make extensions easier for us to manage while providing greater value to our customers. To that end, we’ve unified our XML and CSV Export plugins into the WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export plugin. Let’s embark on…

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QR code

Redeem WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers with barcode scanning

Version 3.5.0 of WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers is here in time for holiday sales, and it brings one of our top feature requests! You can now add QR codes to your vouchers and scan them for quick redemption. Voucher templates can generate a code for a new voucher if you add a barcode field to the template. Notice that several types of barcodes can be generated. However, the plugin only supports scanning QR codes at…

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Better delayed memberships and inherited restrictions with WooCommerce Memberships

The holiday season has already started at SkyVerge with WooCommerce Memberships v1.12 hitting WordPress updates worldwide this week. ???? It’s been 2 months since version 1.11 was released, and we’re releasing some small improvements as our last feature release this year. (We freeze releases over the holidays so only critical bug patches are deployed during your busiest sales season.) Let’s go ahead with the unboxing! ???? Inheriting restriction rules Some content in WordPress (like pages)…

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The All-New WooCommerce Bambora

I’m excited to share the all new WooCommerce Bambora with you today! ???? The WooCommerce Bambora plugin was originally our Beanstream integration. When Beanstream was folded into Bambora last year after being acquired, all merchant accounts were carried over seamlessly. However, merchants using our integration could not take advantage of all of the new technologies offered by Bambora. We’ve completely rebuilt the plugin to support Bambora’s newer API, along with loads of useful new features….

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WooCommerce PDF Vouchers online redemptions

Online redemptions now available in PDF Product Vouchers

One of the most requested features for PDF Product Vouchers has been the ability to redeem vouchers online, similar to coupons. Well, ask and ye shall receive — we’re excited to share an update for online redemptions today! PDF Product Vouchers has always worked well for printable vouchers, which could only be redeemed at location. These are most often used for in-person store events, such as redeeming a free gift, a seat at a course…

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WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce Memberships 1.9: Paving the way for Teams

WooCommerce Memberships version 1.9 is being released today! Exactly one year after 1.7, our biggest feature-packed release since the plugin inception. In between there have been 15 releases, 1 minor and 14 patch releases (according to semantic versioning terms). That’s more than one plugin update per month! Version 1.8 was too an important release: it had to account for WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility, an important milestone for the world’s largest eCommerce platform. For this reason, though,…

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