I’m excited to announce that SkyVerge is joining GoDaddy

Seven years ago, when Justin and I founded SkyVerge, we had two goals: to build software that would help eCommerce companies of all sizes run their businesses and delight their customers, and to create the kind of company where we wanted to work. 

Fast forward seven years, and over 100,000 businesses rely on our WooCommerce plugins and our email marketing platform, Jilt, and we’ve assembled an amazing team of three dozen people who work from across the world. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together, and I’m super excited for this next chapter.

Our future with GoDaddy

During our early conversations with GoDaddy, one thing became very clear: we share a very similar vision for open eCommerce. Both of our teams understand that the future of eCommerce is so much greater than where we are today, and we’re both committed to building tools that help everyday entrepreneurs thrive as commerce continues to shift online.

More than a shared vision, we also quickly realized that GoDaddy shares our commitment to customers and team. They’re known for their world-class customer care and they’ve been continually recognized for their commitments to diversity and equity in the workplace. We’ve worked hard to build a team culture of openness and inclusion, and we’re known for going the extra mile for our customers. Those same qualities are extremely important to GoDaddy, too.

GoDaddy is one of the largest WooCommerce hosts on the planet, and we’ll help improve the customer experience and expand their offering. This is an incredible opportunity for us to continue our mission to level the playing field for millions of small eCommerce businesses. We remain committed to our customers and our team—but now we have the resources of GoDaddy to back us up!

What this means for our existing customers

We made a commitment to be there for your business with software you can depend on, and we’re sticking to it. We’ll continue to support our existing WooCommerce plugins and Jilt. While we’ll be building something new at GoDaddy, everything we’ve already built is a big part of that. Our customers are important to us, and they’re important to GoDaddy, too! We’ll continue to provide the same level of support that you’ve come to expect from SkyVerge.

Thank you!

This is a big milestone for our team, one that means we’ll be able to pursue our mission of helping small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses with even greater impact. It’s a milestone that we could not have reached, however, without the support of our incredible customers. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey and we’re excited to take this next step with you!

Max Rice

Cofounder & CEO of SkyVerge

Published by Max Rice

Max is one of our co-founders, CEO, resident webhook expert, and coffeescript lover. He's a top WooCommerce contributor, unit test aficionado, survivor of coding with timezones, and spends much of his time being the chief bottleneck at SkyVerge.


  1. Will you be continuing to develop your plugins ( and new ones ) or only support them?

    Have seen Godaddy pretty much kill development on Managewp.com ( another Godaddy acquisition )

    • Hey Ian, both teams are 100% committed to doing what’s best for customers — our missions are truly aligned (“empowering everyday entrepreneurs” and “leveling the Commerce playing field“), and we both feel strongly that we’re here to serve the merchants using our products. We’ll continue to maintain and invest in them — we’re going to grow our presence in WooCommerce, and our products are an important part of that!

  2. This just makes me sad. GoDaddys support is terrible, their hosting is terrible, the only thing they are half decent at is domain management.

    Sky verge is not a good fit with GoDaddy. I can’t think of a single WordPress developer that actually respects GoDaddy as a company.

    This sounds like a sell out, more than anything. A shame, cause Inuse Skyverge plugins on several client websites. Here’s to hoping that Skyverge quality remains.

    • Hey Jason, we’ve seen tremendous growth and improvement in GoDaddy’s offering and support over the past couple of years, so we have a team of WP developers who respect them and are excited to become a part of the GoDaddy family! In the past 7 years we’ve worked with WooCommerce, I hope we’ve demonstrated that the experience you and your clients have with our products is incredibly important to us — we wouldn’t have joined GoDaddy if we weren’t confident that we’d be able to provide the level of care and experience together.

      As part of GoDaddy, we can have a much larger impact on eCommerce, and our team is super excited for that challenge and the next step in our journey. We’re flattered that “SkyVerge quality” is something we’re known for, and absolutely committed to continuing on that path. 🙂

  3. Congratulations to you, Beka, and the entire SkyVerge team!

  4. I want to congratulate you guys because as a longtime SkyVerge plugin user I love your team but I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this.

    I don’t think GD is really overly loved by most, definitely not for the colleagues I work/converse with.

    I have a great many of your plugins that I got when WooCommerce was doing Lifetime licenses. This won’t impact those will it? If by chance you guys decide to pull those plugins from their marketplace how will that affect existing purchasers who might have a grandfathered rate.

    Also, does this mean you won’t be expanding existing Woo plugins with new features and just focus on maintaining them?

    I’m not going to lie, I’m on a real roller coaster of emotions right now that has me like… ????????????☠️

    • Heya Amber, thanks for chiming in — we’ve certainly appreciated your support through the years! Your previous purchases will continue to be supported — I noted this above, but both teams are 100% committed to doing what’s best for customers, and we’ll continue to maintain and invest in our products. Max and Justin wouldn’t have considered working with a company who would expect anything less.

      We’ve been really impressed by the transparency, care, and customer focus GoDaddy has shown throughout this process, and we are really excited to work with them to have an even bigger impact on WooCommerce. We’ve watched them become the largest WordPress host, put together a solid WooCommerce offering, improve their hosting and customer service, get involved in the WP community, and develop a really impressive company culture. We’re confident that together we can create a really wonderful experience for Woo merchants, and thrilled for the opportunity — and hope folks like you who have been with us for much of this journey continue to give us feedback on how we can make that experience even better for you!

  5. Congrats all! Big news and a great move by GoDaddy. Excited to see what you all build together.

  6. Congratulations. I hope the leads to even more amazing products.
    Skyverge plugins and customer service have been A+ so far.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Victor! We are super excited to work with GoDaddy to continue our growth in the WooCommerce space, and appreciate you sharing the journey with us so far ????

  7. Congrats Max, Beka and team! GoDaddy is definitely getting great value from this acquisition! Glad I own shares of GDDY!

  8. I think Godaddy will include Skyverge plugins in their Premium WordPress Ecommerce Hosting Plan.

    Which seems to be a great move for them…

    Just hope they will keep preaching Skyverge open minded vision and not develop in their own interests.

    Still, this leave us nervous but really exited at the same time to see what can it bring to the community.

    Good Job guys 🙂

    • Heya Olivier, we’re nervous and excited too! This brings our work to a much bigger stage, but we’re ready for the challenge & to have a bigger impact on WooCommerce. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work together ????

  9. Congratulations guys! You’ve built some amazing products, user guides and take great care of customers. Wish you the best futures.

  10. This is great news! Congratulations Beka & the entire team. 🙂

  11. Congratulations. When the name GoDaddy is mentioned, I have a negative sentiment due to years of bad experience with them supporting different WordPress products for their platform. However, I hope GoDaddy taking active interest in WordPress since last few years changes my opinion.

    Best wishes

    • Hiya! We can certainly understand that having previous bad experience can make you leery of a company. The improvements we’ve seen in GoDaddy’s WordPress & WooCommerce offerings over the past couple of years years while supporting our customers who host there has given us 100% confidence that GoDaddy is on a great trajectory in the Woo space. And we’re excited to accelerate that growth and contribute to even more improvements! 🙂 We’re grateful you’ve been a part of this journey with us, and hope you’ll enjoy the exciting things still to come ????

  12. Congratulations and all the best for SkyVerge.

  13. Congrats Max! Hope Godaddy will work more on development instead of just marketing.

    • Hey Satinder, our entire team is joining GoDaddy, so our full product & engineering team is here right alongside everyone else, to continue building great eCommerce experiences. 🙂

  14. Congratulations! I hope the level of service will be the same. For example, when the SkyVerge Authorize.net plugin stopped working when we updated WordPress recently, Marcus was able to log in and fix it really quickly, which I definitely would not have been able to figure out on my own. He was a lifesaver!

    Jimmy T

    • Hey Jimmy, thanks for the kind words, and glad to hear Marcus helped you get sorted out! Our team is still going to be behind our plugins and supporting eCommerce merchants — the level of service we can provide remains important to us, and it’s just as important to GoDaddy as we move forward. Thanks for your support!

  15. This a great news . I love it

  16. congrats folks! I just saw the news that GoDaddy is offering Skyverge plugins a la cart with hosting, and that’s when I first realized that you’ve been aquired! Great work!

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