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We last published a month in review with our September recap, so we’ve got some updates from both October and November to share with you today.

Our blog has been a bit quiet as we onboard new team members and worked on an increase in support for merchants gearing up for holiday sales, so here are a few of the topics we’ve written about:

As a result of writing our article on delivery estimates, we also bundled up that code in a free plugin to show a range of days or dates for which the order is estimated to arrive.

Now on to the fun stuff we’ve been wrapping up in the past 2 months!

WooCommerce Braintree v3.0

We launched a massive update to our WooCommerce Braintree integration, which was a complete rewrite to add tons of features and utilize Braintree’s hosted fields feature, which is PCI compliant.

Max lead the development of this update, and he wrote up a recap of the changes which makes for a good overview of what’s new.

Twilio SMS Notifications v1.6.0

Our WooCommerce Twilio plugin had a few new features added thanks to some work done by Chase. For those of you outside of the US, Twilio now supports Alphanumeric Sender IDs:

WooCommerce Twilio sender ID

You can now toggle order SMS messages from the admin, and send SMS messages based on custom order statuses as well.

Measurement Price Calculator v3.8.0

Tamara led our update for Measurement Price Calculator, which adds compatibility for the Google Product Feed plugin from Lee Willis. Now Measurement Price Calculator pricing will be included for the Google Product feed, as product’s unit price is now sent.

Product Reviews Pro v1.3.0

Fulvio is one of new our team members currently going through the SkyVerge bootcamp process, and he led some changes to Product Reviews Pro in November that adds the ability for your logged in customers to “watch” contribution threads and receive email notifications on replies. For example, if I write a review or ask a question, I can then watch the thread for any comment replies.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro watch thread

Customers can watch any thread, not just their own. We’ve started this feature with logged in users (so your customers still get emails even if they update their email address), and we’d love to hear some feedback if you run into questions or would like to see this implemented for guest users.

Tab Manager v1.4.0

Wes is another of new team member going through SkyVerge bootcamp, and he led changes to Tab Manager to add the ability to include tab content in search results. Any product-specific custom tab you add will have its content included in your site and product search results, and you can opt to include global tabs in search if desired (best for global tabs you use for some products, but not all products):

WooCommerce Tab manager include in search

Compatibility has also been added for the free Relevanssi plugin in case you use this for your site search so that tab content will continue to be searchable.

WooCommerce AvaTax

Chase has also been hard at work building a WooCommerce integration for Avalara over the past couple of months, which is now in it’s testing phase and will be released very soon. This lets you integrate with Avalara to automatically calculate tax rates, and can completely override WooCommerce tax rates to automate tax calculations.

WooCommerce AvaTax settings sample

This integration plugin will be completely free, and only requires an Avalara account (paid), so we definitely recommend looking into Avalara if you’d like to simplify and automate your tax recording.

Coming in December

We’re about to release version 1.4 of WooCommerce Memberships (you should see the update available today), which Fulvio and Max have been working on — keep an eye out! We’ll have a post detailing changes next week.

We’re also at work on updates for Order Status Manager, WooCommerce Mollie, Print Invoices and Packing Lists, and we’ll begin Memberships version 1.5.

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