Hi there! We just have a quick update for you today.

Version 1.1.1 of the WooCommerce iOS app has been released. This patch release includes fixes for a few bugs, as well as phone number formatting being fixed for real 🙂 .

We experienced a phone number formatting issues with some countries where a "+1" was being appended because the format was mistaken for a US number, so if you were one of the shops affected by this bug while calling customers, please update manually if it’s not done already so that you can start taking advantage of this feature!

We’ve also got a version 1.1.2 patch about to be submitted (remember, it takes about a week for Apple to review) that has a workaround for server incompatibilities with some hosts. If you’ve updated your API keys, but you can’t update order statuses from the app, chances are that this has affected you.

Our workaround in the next release fixes this issue and should now ensure that updating your shop from your mobile device is communicated to your site’s server. As this is the first piece of the app that sends information to your store rather than receives it, we’ve been working on ensuring that as many server configurations as possible are supported.

If you do experience any other small bugs, please let us know! We’re constantly on the lookout and will continue to push patches if needed while we work on the 1.2 version of the app. You can even send feedback directly from the app by clicking the Settings cog icon in the slideout menu:

WooCommerce iOS app feedback

We’d also really appreciate it if you leave a review in the app store! Your feedback is much appreciated and helps us guide app development.

If you haven’t tried the app out yet, you can get it in the app store:

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