WordPress development tutorials

How to move Jetpack Social Sharing Buttons before a post

If you use Jetpack on your (self-hosted) WordPress site, you probably use the sharing buttons (sharedaddy) capabilities that Jetpack has. By default, these sharing buttons are shown at the end of your post following the content. This tutorial will show you how to move Jetpack Social Sharing buttons elsewhere in your post, such as before your content. You can also check out this overview from the Jetpack team. We’ll assume a couple of things: You…

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Exclude Your Traffic From Jetpack Site Stats

I recently installed Jetpack by WordPress, solely because I wanted to use Site Stats, and even that I wanted mostly so that I could see my site traffic in the WordPress iPhone app. I quickly realized that Site Stats was tracking my own internal page views as I browsed around skyverge.com, throwing off my true page view/visitor numbers. Site Stats comes with some built in ability to exclude site traffic, but I found I needed…

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