Add WooCommerce Email Recipients Conditionally

This comes from an interesting question we got from Helmar: Is it possible to send an “order received” email to a second recipient only if the order contained a tangible product? Background: If I receive orders with tangible products, my shipping company gets a CC of that order in order to fulfill it. If the order contained no tangible product, there’s no need for them to receive a copy of the order. This is definitely…

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Add a Registration Link to WooCommerce Customer Emails

I got a purchase receipt email recently that had a lot of great details, such as the shipping status of each item ordered, along with some related items that I might be interested in. However, there was one section that I found kind of interesting: the email had a registration prompt telling me all of the benefits of creating an account with the site. I thought this was pretty neat, and adding a prompt like…

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How to Remove WooCommerce Tax Labels

This Ask SkyVerge question comes from Flora: Can I remove the “ex. tax” label that appears in the order details on invoices? I don’t need it to say this after prices. Shops that typically sell items excluding tax don’t require a notice that pricing is excluding tax, especially if the invoice contains a tax line item. For example, in the US, subtotals are usually displayed exclusive of tax, then tax is included as a line…

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WooCommerce extension updates & releases

Create Seamless Custom WooCommerce Order Statuses

We’ve released a new extension for WooCommerce that many of you have been asking about. The WooCommerce Order Status Manager will allow you to create custom WooCommerce order statuses and completely integrate them into your orders flow. Rather than simply adding a one-off status with custom code, you can integrate these statuses with core statuses for a seamless order management experience. Add a custom status, icon, and action button easily. Then, create a “Next Statuses”…

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New Tutorial: Customize WooCommerce Emails

Hi all! Some of you have asked us both here and at Sell with WP a bit about how to customize your WooCommerce emails. We did write about creating your own custom WooCommerce emails, but changing the look of your emails to blend in with your brand is an important part of your store’s communication. We wanted to let you know that Justin has written a tutorial on customizing WooCommerce order emails at Sell with…

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How to Add a Custom WooCommerce Email

WooCommerce 2.0 introduced a lot of new features to the core plugin, one being a new class-based implementation for emails. This makes it really easy to add your own custom email types to WooCommerce. In this article, we’re going to create a sample custom email that’s sent when an order with expedited shipping is received. A lot of larger sites disable new order emails if they receive a lot of orders, but most will still…

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Double Notification and Comment Emails Explained

I finally took the time to investigate why I receive two notification emails each time a comment is posted at this blog. Granted, it didn’t hurt anything, but it was annoying to get the multiple emails on my iPhone. Initially I assumed the issue had something to do with my use of the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin (which I highly recommend if you want to use GMail to send your emails from WordPress), however it turned out…

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