WooCommerce extension updates & releases

Keeping on topic with the rest of our rewrites and updates, we bring you today’s changed extension: WooCommerce URL Coupons!

We’ve made 3 major changes to WooCommerce URL coupons with the latest release (version 1.2) that add more control over coupon addition options and how customers can use coupons in your store.

Force Coupons to be Applied

We’ve created an option to force-add a coupon when visiting the unique URL for the coupon, which will override any restrictions set on the coupon. This is really helpful for people that want a promotion on a product, but are adding that product to the cart with the same coupon – this discount was not applied, as the product was not already in the cart at the time the coupon was being used.

WooCommerce URL coupons force add

Force Add Coupons

Optionally Hide Coupon Code Fields

Max wrote a tutorial on renaming or hiding coupon code fields in WooCommerce on Sell with WP, which prompted us to think about how people use URL coupons. As store owners can use URL coupons exclusively, some want to disable other coupon inputs.

Since customers sometimes go coupon hunting if they see “Apply Coupon” fields, you can now optionally hide these fields from the cart and/or checkout pages.

WooCommerce URL coupons hide coupon options

New Coupon Options

This will limit the only application of coupons to your unique URL coupons so customers don’t wander away from checkout to find promo codes.

URL Coupons Column Headers Included in Smart Coupon CSV export

If you’re also using the Smart Coupons extension, you’re familiar with the coupon export functionality. We’ve now made sure that both plugins work together. URL coupons column headers will be included in the Smart Coupons export so that all coupon types are now exported while using both plugins.

See more details on the full sales page or plugin documentation!

Published by Beka Rice

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