WooCommerce FreshBooks

Automatic Invoicing for your WooCommerce Store.

You could be invoicing customers automatically in less time than it took you to drink your morning coffee! The WooCommerce FreshBooks extension allows you to automatically send mail or email invoices when a WooCommerce store order is placed. The FreshBooks Integration can also automatically create your new customers in WooCommerce as Clients in FreshBooks.

Not using FreshBooks yet? You can sign up for a free trial to get easy invoicing for up to three clients.

This extension allows you to choose to automatically or manually create and send invoices for each order, and optionally match invoice numbers to WooCommerce order numbers. Tax and shipping items will be included as line items in your invoices, and you can choose whether invoices are simply created as drafts, or sent immediately to new clients. You can even keep your payment synced between WooCommerce orders and the corresponding invoices!

With version 3.0 , you can also tie WooCommerce products to a corresponding FreshBooks item so that each time that product is purchased, it’s recorded as an item sale in FreshBooks. This will ensure that your FreshBooks reporting is as detailed as possible.

By having all of your data entered into FreshBooks, upon placing an order your customers will automatically have immediate access to download PDF invoices, and you can even send invoices by “snail mail” automatically. You save time on every single transaction that comes through your store with WooCommerce FreshBooks!