WooCommerce extension updates & releases

Introducing the SkyVerge Dashboard for messaging and support

Update: After discussing this feature with our merchants, we’ve decided to make this dashboard downloadable rather than enabled by default, since sites who already partner with agencies for support don’t need this feature. Thank you to everyone who shared their candid feedback with us! If you’d like to take advantage of easier communication with support and receive important messages about your plugins from our team, head on over to download the free SkyVerge Dashboard plugin! Today,…

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Better extension support using the WooCommerce REST API

As many of you know, our team started to handle all plugin support from WooCommerce.com last year. This was an interesting change for us, as our team had previously been involved in second-tier support, with the WooCommerce team responding to incoming questions and working with our team as needed. Just about a year has passed since this we fully transitioned support to our team. We’ve learned a lot about providing better customer service, and have…

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Developing a Customer Service Tone Guide

This year, I’d attended Post Status Publish and WooConf, learning a ridiculous amount from other WordPress professionals at each. At both conferences, I’d been asked about team and support management by a few people. At Publish in particular, I’d delivered a sort of meta talk on building and selling eCommerce software with Brent Shepherd from Prospress. We wanted to cover several facets of building products, from strategy and hiring to product planning. We had some…

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