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How to Add Content Below WooCommerce Featured Image

Here’s a tiny snippet based a question from Julie: How can I add a notice right below the WooCommerce featured image on the product page? It should say “click to enlarge” right below the image. There’s an action that you can use to add content below featured images, which can be used before or after product thumbnails. The woocommerce_product_thumbnail action is what will help us out. Let’s add a notice that says, “Click to Enlarge”…

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How to Use WooCommerce 2.0 Lightbox

WooCommerce 2.0 comes with prettyPhoto, a Lightbox implementation, bundled as part of the core. It’s used on the product pages to display the image gallery pictures, and a common question is “How do I use WooCommerce’s lightbox to do X”. This article will walk you through how to do just that. Enable Lightbox The first step is to ensure that the Lightbox is enabled by going to WooCommerce > Settings > General > Styles and…

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How to Use WooCommerce’s Lightbox

[stag_alert style=”grey”]Update: As of version 2.0, WooCommerce is no longer packaged with the excellent FancyBox (I guess due to some licensing issue or something). I’m leaving this article up for those still on WC 1.6.6 and previous, and for historical purposes. To learn how to make use of the new WooCommerce-2.0 compatible lightbox, read on in the new and updated article How to Use WooCommerce Lightbox Part 2[/stag_alert] WooCommerce comes with Fancybox, a Lightbox implementation,…

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WordPress development tutorials

How to Create a Custom WordPress Post Type With Image Uploads

This article details one method of creating a custom WordPress post type with the ability to upload and attach images using the built-in WordPress Media browser. This piece does not cover all the details and nuances of creating a custom post type, as this is covered well elsewhere. In addition to highlighting the most important methods and code required, I have attached a fully functional demo plugin which you may feel free to download and…

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