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August in Review

While we send out a weekly newsletter (which you should sign up for if you haven’t!), we thought that a monthly recap of changes, updates, and new releases would be a great addition for our blog. We’d like to cover some of what we were up to throughout August and what’s changed with our plugins to share them with you, along with a preview of next month. General updates Subscriptions 2.0 support Memberships v1.3 Product…

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Get All WooCommerce Orders for a Customer

There are several reasons you might want to get all WooCommerce orders for a customer in your shop. For example, you may want to find out if they’ve ever purchased a product, or do something as simple as count the number of orders they’ve placed with you. Since orders are a custom post type, you can use get_posts to query orders, which is a pretty standard WP query that most developers are familiar with and…

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How to Simplify Free WooCommerce Checkout

For most WooCommerce checkouts, customers will be purchasing products and remitting payment to your store. They may also be selecting shipping methods or entering coupon codes. However, when customers purchase a free item, you may not need all of the fields at checkout if you’re not collecting any payment for shipping. As a result, you may require almost none of the checkout fields. While WooCommerce will helpfully remove payment method selection for free checkouts, the…

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Add Actions to WooCommerce My Orders Table

You can easily add action buttons to the WooCommerce My Orders table in the customer’s My Account section of your site. The default buttons include actions like “Pay”, “Cancel”, and “View”, but you can add your own actions for each order. The woocommerce_my_account_my_orders_actions filter makes it very simple to add our actions. Actions are an array, so you add your own action into the array and then give them back to WooCommerce. The filter gives…

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Get a list of WooCommerce sale products

You can get lists of all simple products, variable products, or featured products easily with WooCommerce. It’s also easy to get things like “in-stock” products or “out of stock” products. However, getting a list of WooCommerce sale products can be a bit tougher because sale products use different meta keys to determine sale status depending on the product type. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways you can get sale products. Check sale…

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Pagely staging site

How to create a Pagely staging site (for the non-developer)

Chances are that you’ve heard of Pagely, as they were the first company to offer managed WordPress hosting. They’re one of two hosts we recommend, and we migrated all of our own sites to Pagely early this year. One feature that many eCommerce sites need as part of their managed hosting services are staging sites, as these help you test updates and debug issues so you don’t have to deactivate plugins or try out new…

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WordPress development tutorials

Developers: Stop Using sslverify = false — WordPress has you covered

I listened to a talk recently about using WordPress to communicate with external APIs, which is something we do frequently at SkyVerge. We’ve built over 20 payment gateway integrations for WooCommerce, each of which needs to communicate with the payment processor’s API. One thing that I noticed in the talk is that setting sslverify = false when using wp_remote_get or wp_remote_post was recommended. This is a fairly common practice and has thus become recommended for…

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Add Text to the WooCommerce Review Form

Product Reviews are one of the most powerful selling tools your store has. We have an extension to add fields like qualifier questions (“How did this fit?”) and accept attachments like uploads, but you can add simple text notices to reviews without an extension. WooCommerce already includes a couple of additional fields in the review form that are not set: comment_notes_before: shown above the name / email fields when the reviewer is not logged in…

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Get a List of all WooCommerce Coupons

While WooCommerce contains tons of helper functions, such as functions that will give you all “on sale” products, there’s no function in WooCommerce that will return all coupons present within a shop. This is because there’s a pretty easy way to query them yourself because coupons are their own custom post type: the shop_coupon post type. This means that we can simply query all posts for that post type to get a list of WooCommerce…

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WooCommerce reviews + tutorials

Hooking into WooCommerce Actions

This is post 2 of 8 in the series “Build a WooCommerce Extension” Today’s post continues our series on building a WooCommerce extension. We started the series by discussing how to use filters to change your site content, and today’s post will be about actions. Actions and filters make up the basic building blogs of extending WordPress plugins and themes, as they allow you to change or add code to WordPress, themes, or plugins. WooCommerce…

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