Everything you need for your membership site, without unnecessary bloat or complexity

WooCommerce Memberships makes it simple to create the membership site you want without frustration

Way more than just restricted content

Some plugins just lock up your content, but WooCommerce Memberships fully integrates with your store.

Sell access to memberships, bundle them with product purchases, drip content to members, and weave member perks into your store.

You decide when members access content and perks

Worried about a member joining, going through all of your premium content quickly, then cancelling?

With WooCommerce Memberships, you can schedule when members gain access to different content to extend the length of memberships and increase your site’s value.

Send powerful emails to members

WooCommerce Memberships has a native integration and complete data sync with Jilt.

Create membership emails with advanced segmentation and targeting in just a matter of clicks.

Take full control over memberships perks

WooCommerce Memberships has the flexibility to give your members the exact perks you want.

Restrict purchasing to members only. Offer special discounts or better shipping options to members. Set up memberships for your store however you need.

Responsive support from WooCommerce experts

WooCommerce Memberships is backed by the team at SkyVerge, the leading partner developer for WooCommerce.com.

Have a question? Need help getting started? Want tips for getting the most out of your site? We’re always here to help.

Built for fast growing memberships sites

Ease of use

Memberships is intuitive, free of bloat, and easy to use, so you can get started fast.

Sell or assign memberships

Grant memberships however you want—give them away, sell them a stand-alone product, bundle them with a product, or anything else.

Membership tiers

Create different tiers of membership with different levels of access to content, perks, or privileges.

Restrict products

Restrict product viewing or purchasing to logged in members only.

Automatically display perks

Members can see all of their perks and discounts in the Member Area.

Import or export members

Import and export members via CSV.

WooCommerce Subscriptions integration

WooCommerce Memberships integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions to handle recurring payments, free trials, and more.

A growing catalog of extensions

We’re always developing new extensions and integrations to continue growing the power of Memberships.

Simple communication

Send email notes to members along with expiration and win-back messages directly through Memberships. (Advanced emails available with Jilt.)

What our customers say

A happy shout out to the good folks at SkyVerge who not only make solid, reliable plug-ins but have lightning-fast, friendly support!

Vincent J. Florio, WordPress theme author

I get so happy when I go to buy a WooCommerce extension and then see you have made it – done deal. Great job on the extensions. 🙂

Grant Ambrose, MyWeb Digital

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