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WooCommerce Memberships Directory Shortcode

Display a directory of members on your site

This plugin provides the ability to publicly display members on your site within a directory. A new [wcm_directory] is available after installation to output your member lists. You can opt to show members of only certain plans or statuses, and this shortcode can be included in a restricted page as well to keep it private for members if desired.

Using this plugin

Plugin usage requires you to add a single shortcode where you’d like to output your listing of members: [wcm_directory]

This shortcode will show a paginated list of members for your site. By default, all active members are included.

WooCommerce Memberships Directory Shortcode output

Shortcode example

If you’d like to modify the directory output, you can add any of these arguments to the shortcode:

attribute accepts output? default
plans comma-separated list of plan slugs or IDs changes which plans are included in the directory any
status comma-separated list of membership statuses changes which status members must have to be included in the directory any
per_page number determines number of members shown per page 12
bios “yes” or “no” determines if member biographies are shown or not yes
avatars “yes” or “no” determines if member avatars are shown or not yes
avatar_size number size of avatars to show (in pixels) 128

Putting it all together, you could use a shortcode like this:

[wcm_directory plans="silver,gold" status="active,complimentary" per_page="24" bios="no" avatars="yes" avatar_size="90"]

This would show members with active or complimentary status in the silver or gold plans (24 per page) without biographies, with avatars at 90px each.

Getting updates

If you’d like to get automatic updates, you’ll need a license key to get them from our site as we release new versions. You can do so by checking the email you got after downloading the plugin, or your purchase receipt page.

SkyVerge Plugin updater key

Quick tip: Need your purchase confirmation? Search your email for “Your SkyVerge Purchase”.

Now copy this key, and on your site, navigate to WooCommerce > Extensions > SkyVerge Licenses. Enter the key you’ve copied, and save your changes. This will now link your site for automatic updates.

SkyVerge WooCommerce Plugin: Getting updates

Once you’ve saved your updater key, you’ll get notifications of updates to this plugin so you can automatically upgrade.


As this is a free plugin, we’re not able to offer detailed troubleshooting assistance. We recommend taking the following steps if you see issues with your shortcode display:

  1. Please double-check that your shortcode is using the correct format and arguments. It’s also important to ensure that, if you’ve copied and pasted the shortcode, that you re-type it. Sometimes copying a shortcode with quote characters will not render properly when pasted.
  2. To rule out plugin conflicts, please deactivate all plugins except WooCommerce, WooCommerce Memberships, and WC Member Directory Shortcode, then re-check the shortcode output to see if the issue has been resolved.
  3. If you still see an issue with output, please switch to a default theme, such as Twenty Seventeen, and view the shortcode with the default theme and no other plugins.

These steps resolve almost any display issue. If you’re looking for assistance with customizing the directory output or display, we recommend reaching out to Wisdm Labs or Codeable for assistance with these sort of projects.