Our team has learned incalculable amounts from free, open source software. We try to give back to the open source community by ensuring all of our WooCommerce plugins are open source under a GPL License, and we also have several projects that are shared-source as well.

Outside of the WooCommerce space, we’ve also open-sourced our own gems or workflows to help other companies build their own processes.

Here’s a sample of our open source, source-available software:

We’ve also contributed to several other open source projects, or donate to projects we’ve used like Feedjira or DomPDF:


WordCamps are a great way for users new to WordPress to learn more, or for developers to level up their skills. We’ve sponsored the follow WordCamps to support continued learning in WordPress:


We also sponsor conferences and podcasts so merchants and developers have access to continued professional development. Here’s just a sample: