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WooCommerce Class Members Example: Create a WooCommerce Upsell Shortcode

This is post 7 of 8 in the series “Build a WooCommerce Extension” This series walks you through some of the beginner to intermediate skills you’ll need to build your first WooCommerce extension. Building Your First WooCommerce Extension Hooking into WooCommerce Actions How to Create a WooCommerce Widget Widgets, Part Deux: Create a Smart WooCommerce Widget Add Plugin Settings to WooCommerce, Part 1 Add Plugin Settings to WooCommerce, Part 2 WooCommerce Class Members Example: Create…

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Moving WooCommerce Upsells on Product Pages

Your WooCommerce products can have upsells assigned to them so that you can encourage customers to buy different versions or more expensive products while visiting your product page. You can add these under Product Data > Linked Products while editing a product, and the upsells will be shown at the end of your product description. However, most times this is at the bottom of your product page. What if customers don’t end up scrolling all…

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Ask SkyVerge

Create a “My Memberships” section shortcode with WooCommerce Memberships

Today’s question comes from Scott: Can I use or create a shortcode to have the “My Memberships” area outside of the “My Account” page? In other words, if I wanted to place My Memberships on a page other than the default /my-account page, would I be able to do that? This is an interesting question, as you could add the “My Memberships” table to a custom page on your site, protect that page for members,…

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