Looking for new software to expand the functionality of your eCommerce store? You’ve come to the right place. We specialize in premium WooCommerce development, but also build everything from custom plugins to full-featured integrations with backend systems.

Want to check out some of our work? We know you won’t be disappointed by the quality, well-maintained, open-source code we have on GitHub.

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We specialize in top-tier WooCommerce development, including custom extension development or altering existing extensions. With over 60 extensions on the WooThemes Store (and 5 free ones!), we are the single largest WooCommerce developer and are continuing to grow.


Custom Development

Looking for a different solution for your store? We do those, too. We develop custom software, create backend integrations, applications, and more. We currently develop using a variety of programming languages, so our background is wide enough to cover the scope of almost any custom project.



Need some advice on how to set up your eCommerce store, best practices, or how to approach a new project? We’re here to help. We offer consulting services to help with custom development, which extensions to buy, how to implement extensions, or general eCommerce topics to make your store the best it can be.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work 100%; we take pride in being great developers, and will make sure that you see our work the same way that we do! For all custom projects, we offer a 30-day guarantee on all of our work for bug-fixes, corrections, and general “break-in” concerns. Our custom plugins are also upgrade-safe if modifying an existing WooCommerce extension. We will make sure that your product is working the way it should before the job is done.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for any of this! Instead, here’s what some of our customers and clients have to say about us:

“Our client had a Joomla site for many years and we were hired to create a WordPress/WooCommerce site…trying to move the Joomla orders into the WooCommerce system in order to support historical reporting was a real challenge. With the [order] conversion complete, we chose CSV Import, CSV Export, and Sequential Numbering Pro to merge historical orders with the new orders from the live site.
The products worked great and we were able to accomplish the task with no real issues other than the sheer size of the files we were managing…we were able to export the 7,000 orders in four large chunks and then import those into another localhost setup (a duplicate of our live site).
All in all, the process took a lot of time, but most of that was our learning curve and dealing with the shared-server issues. I would highly recommend these products for anyone needing to move or merge orders involving a WooCommerce site.”
-Cyndie Shaffstall, Spider Trainers

“SkyVerge creates a number of extensions that were crucial to setting up a recent WooCommerce shopping cart. When we ran into an issue with out cart, Justin was able to create some custom code for us and was always extremely responsive and helpful. It’s not very often that I’m inspired to offer up a testimonial, but I was very impressed with his level of service and knowledge.”
-Ty Hammes, Gavea Designs, Boulder, CO

“Ha! This process has renewed my faith in solid developers willing to patiently work through the bugs with their customers (especially since I’m sure some of this was a pain in the butt)…I am thrilled to pieces with the service received. :)”
-Amber Cockwill, Creative Collaborations

“For those about to ROCK, we salute you…! Yes, it is rare to have capable developers who take pride in their work. I needed some custom coding to get my Gravity Forms fields exported to XML from WooCommerce… and Max delivered. We are going live and I would have been lost in the PHP sea for nights to come if I hadn’t chosen SkyVerge. Hey, I was impressed enough to write a testimonial, that says something, right?”
Peter Higbee, South Island, New Zealand

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