WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

Price Products by Dimension or Measurements, Not Just per Unit.

Want to sell products in your WooCommerce store based on measurements entered by customers? The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator allows you to configure a calculator form to let customers add product quantity by dimensions, square footage, weight, volume, perimeter, and more:

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator | Frontend calculator display

Customer Measurement Calculator

Want to sell boxes of tile in your WooCommerce store? Easy! You can set the appropriate square footage for each box, then allow customers to determine how many boxes they need. You can make this even easier on the customer by providing a form that allows them to enter a square footage or a length width and tell them how many boxes they’ll need to buy!

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator | Boxes of tile

Selling boxes of tile with a customer calculator

Want to sell a product based on customer-entered measurements instead? The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator can do that, too. The Calculator can sell custom-sized products priced by unit: per meter, cubic yard, etc. You can let customers enter the exact amount of the product needed, and the calculator will automatically add the calculated price to the cart.

This will also deduct the current amount of the product from your inventory, and uses the measurements to obtain an accurate shipping weight based on the amount of product the customer needs. Sell ribbon by the foot, wallpaper, corks by the pound, mulch by the cubic yard, and more!

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator | Selling by volume

Selling mulch by the cubic yard

Need to vary your item’s pricing based on the measurements entered by the customer? The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator even has a pricing table for that! You can set pricing breaks based on the measurement entered by the customer to encourage your customers to order more of a product to get a bulk discount.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator | Pricing Table Bulk Discounts

Pricing Table for Bulk Discounts / Variable Pricing

See the product page for full details on all of the great features available for the Measurement Price Calculator!