WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Export: Export refunds only

Export only refunded orders

With this plugin, you can add the option to export orders based on whether they have at least one associated refund. This is a great way to generate a report on your store’s refunded orders, and effectively communicate those refunds with your accounting or fulfillment teams.

Using this plugin

After installing the plugin, you can specifically export refunded orders by going to WooCommerce > Export > Manual Export, setting the Export type to “Orders”, and adjusting the Refunds field.

The Refunds option on the Customer/Order/Coupon Export manual export page.


As this is a free plugin, we’re not able to offer detailed troubleshooting assistance. We recommend taking the following steps if you aren’t seeing refunded orders exporting properly:

  • Please double-check that the Refunds setting is configured correctly under WooCommerce > Exports > Manual Export when set to export orders.
  • To rule out theme conflicts, please switch to a default theme, such as Twenty Seventeen, and rerun the export to see if that resolves the issue. 
  • To rule out plugin conflicts, please deactivate all plugins except WooCommerce, Customer/Order/Coupon Export, and Customer/Order/Coupon Export – Export refunds only, then rerun the export to see if that resolves the issue. 

These steps resolve almost any issue. If you’re looking for assistance with customizing the invoice display further, we recommend reaching out to Wisdm Labs or Codeable for assistance with these sorts of projects.