SkyVerge Dashboard

Get plugin support and messages in WordPress

The SkyVerge Dashboard makes it easier for merchants using SkyVerge plugins to communicate with our team.

When you use this plugin, you can submit support requests for any SkyVerge plugin with an active license that is connected to

This plugin also includes an inbox for receiving messages from the SkyVerge team, such as:

  • Notices about plugin releases, with information about included features
  • Information about bugs that are impacting your store
  • Recommendations for your store based on your active plugins
  • Requests for feedback about your experience with a plugin or upcoming features

The dashboard also includes quick links to plugin documentation, options to schedule interviews with the product team, and more helpful tools for engaging with SkyVerge.

Using this plugin

After installing this plugin, you can go to the SkyVerge menu to access support, messaging, and other features.

Getting updates

If you’d like to get automatic updates, you’ll need a license key to get them from our site as we release new versions. You will find one in the email you received after downloading the plugin, or on your purchase receipt page.

SkyVerge Plugin updater key

Now copy this key and go to WooCommerce > Extensions > SkyVerge Licenses. Enter the key you’ve copied, and save your changes. This will now link your site for automatic updates.

SkyVerge WooCommerce Plugin: Getting updates

Once you’ve saved your updater key, you’ll get notifications of updates to this plugin so you can automatically upgrade.


Please take the following steps if you see issues with your dashboard display:

  • If you’re using the All In One WP Security plugin, you may see an “Oops!” message on the dashboard. You can disable the Disable Users Enumeration setting in the security plugin settings to resolve this problem.
  • To rule out theme conflicts, please switch to a default theme, such as Twenty Seventeen, and recheck the dashboard to see if that resolves the issue. 
  • To rule out plugin conflicts, please deactivate all plugins except WooCommerce, SkyVerge Dashboard, and your SkyVerge plugins, then recheck the dashboard to see if that resolves the issue. 

These steps resolve almost any display issue. If you’re looking for additional assistance, please get in touch via your WooCommerce account as a backup and we’ll be happy to assist.