Jilt for WooCommerce

Jilt helps eCommerce merchants increase their bottom line by saving lost sales — most merchants can increase revenue by 20% within 15 minutes by starting an abandonment recovery campaign.

When a customer abandons a purchase, if they’ve logged in or entered an email address at checkout, Jilt will queue up your recovery emails from active campaigns. These are sent to the customer on your schedule, encouraging them to return to the store and complete the purchase.

This Jilt for WooCommerce plugin connects your store to the Jilt app so that your WooCommerce checkouts are tracked for abandonment. The data on cart abandonment is offloaded to Jilt to keep your site speedy while allowing you to get valuable insights into abandonment and recovery over time.

You can get started with Jilt entirely for free — your trial lasts 30 days, and free plans are available.