SkyVerge WooCommerce Extensions

Repeating a Fixed Date Membership with WooCommerce Memberships

…. This third approach requires adding some custom code to your Memberships installation, so it’s meant for more skilled users who are not afraid to run some custom script or to inspire developers as a starting point for more advanced customization in their clients sites. The idea is that you could either 1) set up a cron job in WordPress or 2) hook to an existing event to instruct Memberships to save new dates to a fixed plan. In the first case (s…

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Introducing the WooCommerce XML-RPC API

…of clients and we’re ready to release it to the world. Currently it only supports updating order status and order tracking (most helpful when used with the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking extension), but we’re planning more API calls. To get started, just download and install the plugin and add a user with at least the “Editor” role. Follow the steps for testing on the comprehensive readme. We’ll be adding to the plugins repository in…

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Promote memberships by applying discounts when purchasing the plan’s product

…ers will see a note on any products discounted by this setting so they can instantly see the benefit of purchasing the membership.  When a membership product is in the cart, customers will see the discounts applied by that membership plan to eligible products also in the cart. Customers can also see eligible discounts in the shop while they have the membership product in their cart. This can encourage additional sales alongside your membership! Wh…

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WooCommerce Order Admin Calc Line Totals

…al( result.line_total ); }); We add an action to handle that AJAX request, instantiate the WC_Cart class, load it up with the current product, and tell it to calculate the totals. The totals are then returned in the AJAX response: add_action( ‘wp_ajax_woocommerce_calc_line_totals’, ‘wc_ajax_calc_line_totals’ ); public function wc_ajax_calc_line_totals() { $item_id = isset( $_POST[‘item_id’] ) ? esc_attr( $_POST[‘item_id’] ) : null; $item_variation…

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Shipping returns

Using Local Pickup Plus to support curbside / takeout orders

…Please be sure you know how to safely add custom code to your site before installing this snippet! Set appointment limits to control how many customers can select the same time before it’s hidden from the appointment calendar. Note that your Pickup Appointments Mode setting must require appointments to set appointment limits.  Set your regular business hours and any holidays so the appointment calendar can reflect your open dates / hours.  Adjust…

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New year

Four Years of WooCommerce

…e through its history. First, let’s just reminisce over this WordPress 3.2 installation screen, which is where I began this journey (I had to laugh a bit at the default username: admin): Let’s do this 🙂 So it Begins: WooCommerce 1.0 September 27, 2011: WordPress 3.2.1 / WooCommerce 1.0 Let’s poke a bit of fun at WooCommerce for this: a plugin for wordpress, huh? WooCommerce 1.0 was released in September 2011, after having been forked from the Jigo…

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WordPress development tutorials

Don’t Share Terms Between WordPress Taxonomies

…he same name and slug between different taxonomies (at least for now). For instance, if you add the term ‘red’ as a tag, and then add the category ‘red’, the same wp_terms record will be shared between them. This is also true for any custom taxonomies you define (remember that despite their seeming differences, WordPress tags and categories are both implemented as taxonomies). Now, in general this is fine; if the name and slug are the same, then j…

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WooCommerce extension updates & releases

WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers 3.0

…r #110) Voucher Templates Let’s look at what you’d typically do first when installing the plugin: create a voucher template. Previously, you’d do this from WooCommerce > Vouchers, and add a new “voucher”. You’d then have to scroll up and down about a million times to set up where the product data would go on the voucher. Old Voucher Editing Now instead, we have a list of your voucher templates under WooCommerce > Vouchers > Voucher Templates. Vouc…

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