WP Development

How to Add a WordPress Plugin Action Link

…ugins make it as easy as possible to find their configuration page. When I install a new plugin the last thing I want to do is hunt around for some hidden menu item, I want to play around with my new toy! And what better place to link to a plugin’s configuration than right from the admin Plugins page where the plugin is activated, deactivated or (the horror!) deleted. These are called ‘Action Links’ and it’s so easy to add a ‘Configure’ or ‘Manage…

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New year

2016: Year in Review

…to support webhooks from Shipwire, making inventory and order updates near-instant without the need for processing these updates in batches on your site. Address Validation was refactored to make set up much easier, and to add support for Addressy, an international provider, so merchants in any country can leverage address lookup and auto-completion for improved order accuracy. Early in the year, we released version 3.0 of Print Invoices / Packing…

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WooCommerce extension updates & releases

Memberships 1.10: spring edition!

…ught product X before the store started using Memberships. Then, the store installs the plugin and creates a plan that offers membership to anyone who purchases product X. By clicking the “Grant Access” button for the new plan, the merchant could extend the membership to John. This worked out well for many sites migrating to, or adding, Memberships. However, like the import and export processes, it was a feature prone to hit server and software li…

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Set up a Memberships welcome series with Jilt

…e automation  If you haven’t connected your shop to Jilt, you can do so by installing and activating the Jilt for WooCommerce plugin, then clicking Connect to Jilt in the plugin settings in your WooCommerce admin area. In your Jilt admin area, click on Automations > New Campaign. From the dropdown list of automation types, select New membership welcome.  Note: As long as WooCommerce Memberships is installed and active on your site, Jilt will autom…

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WooCommerce reviews + tutorials

WooCommerce 1.4 Released and Reviewed

…f woocommerce_form_field() at runtime to get the desired behavior. In some instances I was actually able to remove code from my custom plugin because the new WooCommerce fixed issues that I used to override. For instance, customers logging in at the checkout page are no longer redirected to their account, instead they remain at the checkout page where they can finish checking out. Imagine that! The only thing that makes me happier than writing new…

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How to optimize WooCommerce customer service

…e via live chat embedded on your website. You can connect email, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS to monitor and respond to all communications straight from the Re:amaze dashboard. Re:amaze has a direct integration with WooCommerce, giving you the ability to link customer data to support inquiries. Steps to connect WooCommerce To get started with Re:amaze, you need to integrate your WordPress site using the Re:amaze Helpdesk & Live Chat plugin. After…

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WooCommerce NETbilling

…nts! This document will show you how to setup and configure the extension. Installation Download the extension from your dashboard Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded Click Install Now, and then Activate Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and read the next section to learn how to setup and configure the plugin. Setup and Configuration Your hosting provider must have the ability to open TCP port ‘1402’…

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SkyVerge Recommends

…ravity Forms for building contact forms, quizzes, surveys, and more — it’s installed on every one of our sites. It also integrates with MailChimp, can be used as a registration form, and more. Not to mention, it’s included in GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress and Ecommerce hosting plans, too! WP Migrate DB Pro is one of the most useful plugins out there for developers. You can use it to assist with migrating your site, or to create a restore point befor…

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Cookie Policy

…thods. These technologies can operate across all of your browsers. In some instances, these technologies may not be fully managed by your browser and may require management directly through your installed applications or device. We do not use these technologies for storing information to target advertising to you on or off our sites. What technologies do we use and why Our cookies, web beacons and similar technologies serve various purposes, but g…

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WooCommerce Multisite

…validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Δ Use a single WordPress installation for all of your storefronts. Use subsites for different languages, sales channels, or vendors. Synchronize subsite accounts, carts, and inventory. Shared carts A single cart for your entire network – customers can add items from any subsite, and a single cart is updated. Unified accounts One login to rule them all! Share customer accounts across your network ra…

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